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May 24, 2017 5:58 pm by JVS3
Store Horsemen sale starts today!

The Four Horsemen have a store-wide sale on a number of items today, May 24th at Store Horsemen. The sale starts 3pm Eastern time.
Click here to visit their store,
and check out the details below from the 4H:

"We wanted to remind everyone that the sale for figures from Mythic Legions: Covenant of Shadow(Baron Volligar, Cador, Gorthokk, Scaphoid, Silverhorn Sentry, Torionn, Templar Knight Legion Builder, and the Deluxe Knight Builder set), Mythic Legions: All-Stars 1.0 (Sir Ignatius, Sir Gideon Heavensbrand, Orn Steelhide, Asterionn, Scapular the Cryptbreaker, and the Deluxe Barbarian Builder set) and the Mythic Legions: Trolls (Stone Troll & Forest Troll) waves begins the day after tomorrow Wednesday, May 24th at 3pm EST.

As mentioned previously, this is a limited amount of in stock items that will be going up for sale, and even though the stock numbers aren't nearly as limited on the items mentioned above as some previous sales items might've been, you'll still want to get in there and get your orders placed ASAP to make sure you get the figures that you want.

All figures will be sold individually, and there will be no "sets" of figures sold this time around, except for the Stone Troll and the Forest Troll. Those two deluxe figures will be sold both as a set of one of each character (Double Trollble), and individually.

There are also going to be some surprise items hitting Store Horsemen that've been buried in the back of the warehouse and listed as out of stock for a while! Items like all three of the Time Keepers (Baraeth: Messenger of Malice - red, Aestorath: Emissary of Avarice - gold, and Nybbaz: Harbinger of Hallucinations - blue), three of the Avian Warriors from the first wave (Nonus Hrabban, Vultus & Cockitrus), characters from Mythic Legions 1.5 (Ilgarr, Pixxus, Unkann, & Sir Godfrey), and only a dozen of a very popular Mythic Legions figure from wave 1.0 that we're keeping a secret until the sale begins!! Some of these items will be in VERY limited supply and are expected to sell out quickly, so if you have any interest in any of those, be sure to be at Store Horsemen at 3pm eastern standard time to try to get your hands on them.

Payment for your order will be taken at the time the order is placed, or very soon thereafter, and we expect shipping to begin on or around May 31st. Store Horsemen does not accept Paypal."

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