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October 23, 2014 2:00 pm by JVS3
MOTU Fan Legacies: Eon Quest

He-man.org loves to shine a light on fan creations and fan projects inspired by the fan love for Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power. Eon Quest is a new line of 5.5’’ action figures currently seeking funding on Kickstarter that definitely qualifies. Please check out the images, Kickstarter link and interview below with more details!

Jon Wesley Huff, known as JonWes on the forums, told us more about his project:

“Masters of the Universe had such a huge impact on me, to the point I think it kind of became part of my creative DNA,” says Huff. “Although the line pays homage to a lot of 80s action figure properties, Masters of the Universe looms the largest. I think because I was about five when I first encountered it and I was pretty much singularly obsessed with it until I was about eight, it really just hit me at the right time. It was such a rich, vibrant universe of characters.”

Eon Quest, which is currently seeking funding through crowdfunding website Kickstarter, shares quite a bit in common with the vintage MOTU line. But Huff says it shares more than just some key physical characteristics.

“The figures are the same size, it’s true, although the proportions and the sculpting style are a bit more modern. The packaging is the same dimensions and they come with mini-comics. So there’s a lot there it shares with vintage MOTU, and of course that’s all by design. But I think the most important connection it has is with the spirit of the vintage line. That feeling that all kinds of characters could live within one universe. That’s what I’m hoping for, anyway.”

The origins of Eon Quest go back a long time, to Huff’s childhood. He first came up with the name “Eon Quest” for a comic strip that was published in his school newspaper. The characters were different, and it was more of a superhero team. But his mind would wander back to the concept from time to time.

“Even after the comic strip was done and I’d changed schools, I kept going back to the concept of this team of heroes. I kept changing up characters, doing some new pages for a comic book, and so on. Nothing came out of those efforts, though. I never did a full comic book with them, but I did develop some characters during that time I’d use later, like Uplink,” says Huff.

The decision to revisit Eon Quest as a toy line happened early this year. After befriending quite a few indie toy makers (such as the people behind the Weaponeers of Monkaa and Mystic Warriors of the Ring toy lines) Huff began to see, for the first time, there might be a path to making his childhood dream a reality.

“Yeah, I have just always wanted to make a toy line. I used to sketch toys out. I used to sketch playsets all the time. I had considered even trying to do toy design as a career at one point, before I got into graphic design. So to be here, launching my own toy line… it’s definitely a dream come true,” says Huff.

The line features shared parts and removable armor, just like the vintage line. Although there are definitely upgrades, too. All the pieces of the figures are swappable between the line. So you can swap heads, arms, legs and torsos.

“The parts swapping thing is for fun. There are also some practical uses for that, in the future. Some of it stems from the unofficial ability to swap arms on the vintage He-man figures. It’s funny how so many kids just discovered that for themselves! So now you see Ebay auctions with He-man sporting Skeletor’s arms. The parts-sharing and removable armor are fun to play around with. But they are also part of making it practical to offer a whole line of figures for a pretty low cost at a low quantity.”

Retro toys are becoming more and more popular these days, with everything from the Mego-esque 8’’ figures from places like Bif Bang Pow, NECA and Figures Toy Company to the 3.75’’ retro lines from Funko’s ReAction line. There are also some 5.5’’ lines out there like Realm of the Underworld and Warlords of Wor. But Huff is a bit hesitant to think of Eon Quest purely as a retro toy.

“I’d say they are retro-ish. Some people are embracing the retro thing whole-hog. Like Warpo’s Legends of Cthulhu line. Those are 3.75’’ and they are beautiful and so authentically done and I love them for that. I’m not doing that. For instance, the art on the packaging and the mini-comics is not retro at all, really. And the characters and storyline are all new, even if they pay homage to the past. I really want to forge something new, too. I want to connect people with that special tingle of nostalgia, true. But I definitely want Eon Quest to be an evolution of the standard 5.5’’ figure, as well. For instance, these don’t have rubber bands in the legs that will eventually rot and break. They use a combination ball joint/swivel joint that mimics the movement while being a lot more robust long term. It’s the little touches like that I think help make the line special.”

Huff hopes that fans of Masters of the Universe and other similar toy lines of the 80s will embrace Eon Quest and support the Kickstarter. He promises that the Kickstarter line is just the beginning, if the support is there.

“Oh man, I have the line planned out a long way. I had to because of the nature of the mini-comics and the fact they are an ongoing story, to a degree. It’s a situation where you have to learn to walk before you can run. But there are definitely plans for further waves of figures to finish out the heroes, add a lot more villains, and much more. There’s one villain planned for Series 2 I’m just dying to make. So I hope we can make it happen!”

The Kickstarter campaign for Eon Quest continues through November 14.

Kickstarter link: http://kck.st/11pkWWh
Eon Quest home page: http://www.eonquest.com
And see what other fans have to say on the Org forums!

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