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May 30, 2016 3:09 pm by JVS3
Roast Gooble Dinner - Episode 139 Discussion - Power-Con Special

**we'll be back with episodes 136, 137 and 138 once Val can catch is breath post-Power-Con!**

Are you hungry for Episode 139 of He-Man.org's Roast Gooble Dinner?

Val StaplesNate BaertschRob BaseDaniel Benedict"Pixel Dan" Eardley, and Danielle Gelehrter are back to discuss He-Man and She-Ra.

Power-Con is here in less than a week!!

In this episode they discuss
Val's 40th birthday,
strange happenings at Power-Con,
why you should go to Power-Con,
guests at Power-Con,
exhibitors at Power-Con,
panels at Power-Con,
cosplay contest at Power-Con,
Four Horsemen and Mythic Legions,
Power-Con exclusives,
the layout of the vendor room,
being alone at Power-Con,
after hours programming,
Fall of Grayskull screening info,
Dan vs Dan,
Roasted Masters,
Sunday night,
things to do in LA outside of Power-Con,
Power-Con t-shirts,
times to pick up exclusives,
and much more!

Intro/Outro info:

Another fan contribution are episode wallpapers and backgrounds, created by Matt Tyree also know as Tyree on the forums. Matt is commercial illustrator who you can find out more about at www.tyreeonline.com

Also, don't forget the Roast Gooble Dinner iPhone App, which is great for organizing and downloading current and past episodes. Click here to get yours today!

And if you have a comment or a question, please call us at (310) 933-5993 or at our Skype account "roastgooble" and leave a voicemail (in Skype, please go to Call Phones and enter roastgooble as the phone number and dial in. Please do not add roastgooble to your contact list as we won't accept the request. Sorry!) We'll try to work your voicemail into the show, so please call! Otherwise, you can e-mail us at gooble (at) he-man (dot) org. One or more of the hosts will read your e-mail on the show. Please keep e-mails short and sweet!

So pull up your chair and fill up your plate! It's time to chow down on a tasty serving of fandom here on He-Man.org's Roast Gooble Dinner!

Recorded on April 6, 2016
Runtime: 1 hour, 31 minutes, 38 seconds

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Discussion thread on the forums

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