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July 21, 2016 8:29 pm by JVS3
Catra and Netossa POP dolls teased at SDCC

The SDCC exclusive She-Ra doll was well received and a fast seller! So now the question remains: will we get more?

Garrett Sander at Mattel is letting fans know that if you want them, then please let Mattel know! He posted on the He-Man.Org forums:
"Yes please make noise, with there no longer being a matty collector (see matty's facebook page )we need you all to be vocal in your want and we will do all we can to get more made! Thanks for all your support! We really appreciate it!

Also please note that these are very work in progress but we want to show something of what could be if we got to continued the line! So yes, we know some details are wrong! Lol"

A prototype for Catra and Netossa in this same format were shown off at SDCC. Check out the photos at the bottom of this article.

So if you're interested, please spread the word! And please use the hashtag #wewantmoreshera to help spread the word.
And click here to join the coversation on the He-Man.Org forums

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