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January 14, 2018 7:52 pm by JVS3
New She-Ra cartoon updates

Tallstar has been diligently keeping track of mentions, remarks from creators, and other tidbits about the new DreamWorks She-Ra cartoon coming soon from Netflix. We're grateful for all his hard work!

Check out all the info below to find out everything we know about the cartoon so far,
and click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums!


@mic2002uk2000: Hi Noelle. I am Michael Bell. I run a Facebook group called Descendants of Grayskull. Many of us are very excited about the news of She-Ra being released later this year. Are their any more details regarding images and style of animation that can be revealed yet?
@Gingerhazing: Can't reveal anything else just yet. It's going to be different from the original in many ways, but my crew and I love the original She-Ra and take inspiration from it whenever we can.
@Gingerhazing: That said, nostalgia is not our only selling point. We want to keep the spirit of the original intact and give kids of today their own She-Ra experience.
@mic2002uk2000: I have seen the series bible and can see a lot of the characters are being brought into the show from the Filmation series. I am impressed with the tougher tone to it which was restricted back in the day. I hope the kids of today can take to her as we did in 1984.

@KTonarella: I hope this doesn't count as a spoiler type question, but when designing the characters for the new She-Ra cartoon did you look to the old Filmation series or the toyline or both when coming up for the looks of the new show?
@gullshriek: I tended to lean towards inspiration from the filmation series but I've also taken inspiration from toys and other media ie he-man 2002! Its really been dependent on the individual character and what fits their personality the most.
@TheRealZentron: What did you try to avoid when designing?
@gullshriek: with regard to inspiration or in general?
@TheRealZentron: Hmm, in general!
@gullshriek: I'd say samey-looking characters. I didn't want them to blend into each other and have just their outfit colors and hairstyles be the biggest differences. Distinct characters are way more fun and interesting

@JoshuaChayne: Some fans may ot like the style, but if this is a success there may be many more iterations of Shera and HeMan in the future. Consider all the different Batman or scooby doo cartoons. Different styles, different levels of seriousness. It's all good.
@mickequ: I agree! I would love for this to open the doors to more versions of She-Ra and He-Man down the road. I love to see how different creators interpret classic characters in their own unique way. :)

@unknown: Will Catra be there? [DELETED]
@mickequ: You Know it [DELETED]

Albert Ching (Facebook): will Snout Spout be involved
Josie Campbell (Facebook): Haha, I'm not allowed to say anything other than what's in the announcement, but i CAN say it'll be awesome, there's a lot of great old and new stuff to love.


@Dihun: so i'm not supposed to say a lot about she-ra but I hope it's okay to say that the voice acting on this show is just, so damn good, it's been such a pleasure and inspiration to board it

@Dihuh: I also hope you guys like She-Ra!! So much love and sweat and tears were poured into the show. The episodes I'm proudest to have boarded on won't be ready for awhile, but keep your eyes peeeeeledddddd

@mickequ: so far i've been impressed with the MOTU fan community, and their response to the idea of the new she-ra. a lot of you really seem to understand that we're making this for a new generation and that doesn't mean hate or disrespect for the old show (i personally love old she-ra)
@mickequ: i'm making what i personally want to see from She-Ra. that can't possibly line up with what every other fan wants and I appreciate that y'all seem chill with that so far

@Gingerhazing: grr I'm so excited for people to see our SHOW
@Gingerhazing: no offense but it's gonna be good

@mickequ: example of why you can't use the # of script pages to determine the length of a storyboard: i just thumbnailed two sequences and - one, a fight scene, is about 4 pages of script, and will be about 120 shots. - the other, 3 pages, a conversation, will be ............ 30
@Alliandoalice: Totally psyched to see the storyboards! (Btw I’m the one who tweeted the she-ra fanart to you, and that same day during my job interview I mentioned I really wanted to work on the show so they hired me as storyboard revisionist on she-ra :D)


James Eatock (Facebook): I've posted this elsewhere, I'll post it here, too...
Here's what I will say from everything I've read...
1) The writer(s) of the series bible clearly have a LOVE/appreciation of the original Filmation show...or at least have done a LOT of wonderful research and taken some of the best aspects of the original series
2) The story arc is truly EPIC
3) This show thankfully does NOT feature awful smart-ass snarky dialogue
4) The characters are VERY well defined; some FAR stronger than their original Filmation counterparts
As someone that LOVES the Filmation show, I am VERY much looking forward to this new series - I honestly believe they're onto a winner!

@rudolf_nine: I've seen some model sheets of the new She-ra animation. The designs looked reeaally cool. (I have no knowledge of the He-man series)

(Note: Does not mean they landed a role!)

Merit Leighton (Sofia the First, Alexa & Katie)
Commercial Talent Agency posted on Facebook "Congratulations to Merit Leighton for her testing for DreamWorks Animated Series She-Ra!"

Emily Swallow (Castlevania, Supernatural)
She said that she was trying to get voice acting work on She-Ra. (Supernatural Convention Panel - November, 2017)


From Pride.com: "...Stevenson's attachment to this project gives some keys to the tone. Her work, both radical and easy to digest, focuses most often on bonds, sexuality, and above all, strong female characters. The work doesn't get too heavy-handed, existing in that magical spot where adorable characters sneak deep themes right under your nose. She is a perfect match, and promises this adaption will be going some interesting places."

From He-Man.org member MarvelousOne: "I was told you will see Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Scorpia, Catra and Grizzlor. Sure we will see others too!"

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