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January 16, 2018 9:43 pm by JVS3
MOTUC Super7 Wave 1 photos and shipping update

Super7 has posted some images of the MOTUC 2017 (Super7 Wave 1) figures and provided a shipping update on their website.
Check out the update and images below,
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"Hi Masters of the Universe Fans and Customers -

We want to give you the latest update about the MOTU Classics Wave 1 and Club Grayskull pre-order figures. We are happy to report that production for these figures is finally completed and they are literally on a boat from our factory in China as you are reading this. The ETA for them to arrive at our Stateside port is the 2nd week of February and we expect to begin shipping orders by February 20th.

As you know this was a made-to-order release and we took extra time to get the figures done correctly and to our quality standards. In case you missed them, here are the previous updates that we shared during the production process.

First off, we shared the details about the ton of tooling and paint revisions that were required before the figures went into production:

Tooling and Paint Update Images

In December, Super7 traveled to our factory in China to oversee the final production of the figures as they were being completed for shipping:

Factory Visit Update Images

Which brings us to right now and the figures are finally on their way to us. Please note that because of the shipping method, some European retail customers will receive their orders before they arrive at the Super7 warehouse in San Francisco. We have asked these customers to wait and release their figures until Super7 begins shipping to the rest of you.

Anyway, we hope you will like the figures as much as we do! In closing here are images of the figures in their packaging.

Each figure and their accessories are packaged on a non-resealable blister cardback with an outer cardboard box.

Each figure and their accessories are packaged in a resealable die cut window box with a slipcase and an outer cardboard box. Thank you again for your patience with these figures! Their journey is almost complete. By the Power of Grayskull! Cheers, Team Super"

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