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September 28, 2016 9:36 pm by JVS3
Exclusive MOTU Errol McCarthy Print Portfolio at NYCC 2016

At NYCC, Super7 will have an exclusive portfolio of amazing illustrations from the original MOTU figures cardbacks by Errol McCarthy. The collection features 10 high quality 11" x 17" prints featuring the amazing illustrations from the original Masters of the Universe figures cardbacks by Errol McCarthy in a custom portfolio case. Created in collaboration with The Power and The Honor Foundation. These will be available at booth #126 and will be $65.00 each. The first 100 customers will receive a hand signed postcard by Errol.
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September 26, 2016 10:32 pm by JVS3
Check out this custom vintage 5" Filmation Clawful head by Zodac666. And click here to see and learn more on the He-Man.Org forums! More
September 26, 2016 7:37 pm by JVS3
Han Cholo has created a collection of cool Masters of the Universe jewelry for fans. And they are now expanding their line with awesome Castle Grayskull and Skeletor skull jewelry!All of these pieces have been in the works for a very long time and they are eager to get out of the casting and into the... More
September 26, 2016 4:36 pm by Busta Toons
This Wednesday (28th) James Eatock will be restocking Orbital Comics with HUNDREDS of pieces of He-Man and She-Ra animation art - The sales and exhibition ends this weekend, so be sure to get there bright and early on Wednesday! Orbital Comics are located on 8 Great Newport St, London, WC2H 7JA.And if... More
September 26, 2016 3:30 pm by JVS3
He-Man.Org user Lich Leech walks through the designs and changes of artwork on the brand! This time he takes a look at Clawful.And click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums. More
September 25, 2016 7:43 pm by JVS3
Three updates from He-Man.Org about the forums, Instagram, and fan creations!• We have added a section just for Super7 discussion. Come check it out, along with thousands of other discussions!• We setup an Instagram account about a month ago. We haven't started using it yet because we're still planning... More
September 25, 2016 5:58 pm by JVS3
The Fwoosh has posted an image review of MOTUC Night Stalker from Mattycollector, with photos by Matthew K. Click here to check it out!And click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums.  More
September 25, 2016 3:32 pm by JVS3
Hallmark has revealed their He-Man ornament for 2016 as part of their Keepsake Ornament line!Click here to check it out.And click here to join the discussion on the He-Man.Org forums.$15.95Available October 1, 2016This popular TV show from the '80s features He-Man, the most powerful human in the universe.... More
September 24, 2016 3:58 pm by JVS3
From Cornboy on Facebook:Just so all of you MotU Classics fans know, we (Four Horsemen) just shipped the first five (sort of) new prototypes off to Super 7 on Thursday and at least three more are going to be ready to go within a couple weeks. We're off to a big start with these, and we're all SUPER... More
September 24, 2016 2:18 pm by JVS3
Super7 and Gargamel will be offering NYCC exclusive soft vinyl figures. For MOTU, they will have a Skeletor and Beast Man figure inspired by the Speclatron knock-off line! Each is $65.00 and available at Booth #126 at NYCC this Thursday, October 6th through Sunday, October 9th, while they last.Click... More
September 23, 2016 2:55 pm by JVS3
Masters of the Universe Premium Art PrintFeaturing He-Man, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, and more, Sideshow’s Masters of the Universe Premium Art Print is a must-have for fans of Eternia! Limited to 275 pieces worldwide, the Masters of the Universe Premium Art Print by artists Alex Pascenko and Zac Roane... More
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