Europa - Germany - Masters of the Universe
(Episode 01) Sternenstaub
Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Running Time: 47 minutes
Language: German


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Skeletor robs stardust, the greatest treasure in the universe. He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Orko and Battle Cat set out to retrieve it.In the Evergreen Forest, the heroes encounter a fierce dragon before falling into a crevice. Trapped on a ledge, He-Man punches a way into the solid rock. The heroes proceed a huge cavern, where they have to fight Zodac's gigantic starbugs. Finally, they find the Evil Warriors. He-Man traps Skeletor inside of his own time-vault, but at the expense of the Power Sword, which gets trapped inside it, as well.With the help of Man-At-Arms' newest creation, the timesling, He-Man reopens the vault and retrieves his Power Sword, which now is clad in stardust. Skeletor escapes as well, though.The heroes chase their enemies and finally face them in Skeletor's secret hideout. The Lord of Evil tries to teleport away He-Man's sword, but ultimately gets defeated and buried in the collapsing cavern.While Skeletor manages to bury himself out of the rubble, the heroes are on their way back home, celebrating the fact that the stardust is safe now.
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