Europa - Germany - Masters of the Universe
(Episode 02) Das Todestor
Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Running Time: 42 min.
Language: German

Das Todestor

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"The Death Gate"

Man-at-Arms and Orko flies to the Desert Of Time to try his new self-developed weapon. As he tries out his gun on the ruins, which originate from long-vanished race of Giants, Man-at-Arms is dissatisfied with the performance of his energy weapon. He needs a new battery, so Orko beams himself to the palace to get the battery. While Orko is gone, Man-at-Arms noticed that the wind has been picking up, before he can run the Wind Of Time sucked into the past. When Orko returns to the desert he realizes that Man-At-Arms has disappeared and beams himself to the Royal Palace, where he encounters a strange person. It is Goras, a cousin of He-Man from the Kingdom Of Edgewood. Goras is astonished by Orko, but claims the bragging best, wisest and strongest fighters of his country to be here to be even more powerful than He-Man. Orko admired him, and he believes everything he says. To prove his magic, Orko makes an egg appear in Goras's pocket. Only Gora responded less enthusiastic about the spell, because the egg is broken in his pocket. Orko than reports to He-Man, that Man-At-Arms has disappeared into the Desert Of Time. He-Man, Orko and Battle Cat fly the Wind Raider to the Desert Of Time, to find the weapon master. When they arrive at the location where Man-at-Arms disappeared, they begin to search the area.As Battle Cat searches for Man-at-Arms by himself, while He-Man and Orko found a belt buckle, made of green metal and a green sword in the sand. Orko is confident that Tri-Klops was behind it, just because he wears a green sword. Just than, a Sand Grinder shows up and He-Man must fight this fierce beast. Eventually, He-Man defeats him and sends him crawling away. From a safe distance, Tri-Klops is watching everything. Goras flies his glider to the desert where He-Man and Orko is. Suddenly the wind picks up and Goras at laugh at the wind, because he has no idea that it is the Winds Of Time. Only when He-Man tells him about the Winds Of Tim, Goras takes refuge in the wind glider, which unfortunately has enough room for one man. He-Man and Orko hide in a cave in which is safe from the wind. He-Man hopes that Battle Cat has found a shelter. The storm is raged on for 4 hours. When it's over, Orko discovers tracks of Battle Cat, but the tracks end as if he vanished into thin air. This is proof that Battle Cat was catapulted back in time forever. As He-Man discovers a black gate in the distance, he discovers that Goras's wind glider was shattered and Goras was gone as well. In the wreckage, He-Man finds a video recording of events,  and discovered that Goras had found the road to the black gate, in which he flew lower, even though he was threatened by the wind. An arm and a leg came out of the gate, which is reminiscent of the arms and legs of Man-at-Arms. Goras than lost control and crashed, in which he began to panic and begin screaming with fear as the glider crashed. Orko begins to believe that Goras was probably not quite as brave as he boasted. He-Man decides to go through the black gate, for he is determined to rescue his best friend Man-at-Arms. Orko is not thrilled, but not afraid fallows behind. Meanwhile, Skeletor pleased with his triumph, because if He-Man enters the black gate, he falls into Skeletor's trap and will never return again. When they go through the black gate, they have the feeling of falling from great heights into an abyss. When they stopped falling, they were in a red-hot country, with huge buildings that seem to be made of glass. Not far from them stands Giant guard with a steel mace, that is more than twice as big as He-Man. The guard notices the intruders and begins to attack. In a battle with the Giant, He-man cut his belt, causing his pants to fall, whereupon the guard flees. Yet another Giant approaches and Orko discovers the imprisoned Man-At-Arms and Goras in the Giant's hands. He-Man and Orko decide to hide for now. Battle Cat than appears and tries to free Man-At-Arms and Goras, but Orko casts a magic spell from his hiding place, producing a toothpick instead of a sword. He-Man dashes out to rescue his friends by punching the less enthusiastic Giant. As the Giants sound the alarm, the friends make a hasty retreat to a nearby temple. Goras is very anxious and panicky, as he shows his true courage. Man-at-Arms, tells how he ended up here. Tri-Klops had attacked him from behind and dragged into the black gate. The Giants are upset because their sanctuary is under threat of He-Man and his friends. It must be the ball that is in the room in which they have fled. A priest with a leather whip entered the temple to speak to He-Man. He is angered by the desecration of the temple and the threat of the ball, which is made ??of pure light. He-Man tells him that they will do what they want. The power of the evil they had put in their time and they just want them to return to their own time. The priest asks, who or what would be the power of the evil. As He-Man mentions Skeletor, the giants in the background began to whisper. They seem to know Skeletor. The priest explains He-Man and his friends, that Skeletor is the creature, in which all the evil united, that has ever been in their with them. The Giants came from another world to Eternia because they have violated their home. The air and water have been polluted, so that no one living on their world. So they fled to Eternia to heal their world for 300 years in peace. They took everything evil from their homes and transferred them to Skeletor. They have sent him into the Stream Of Time to be rid of him forever. The priest asks He-Man and his friends to leave the temple, and wants to consult with his friends and threatened to destroy the sanctuary, if they are not left alone. The priest calls him back in an hour, which is filled him with fear. The priest says that they have a fear losing their sacred sphere. Man-at-Arms has an idea, since the Giants know the secret of time travel, they could help the Giants return to their time and he is sure that the ball has to do with it. He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Goras, Battle Cat and Orko meet with the priest, then He-Man invites them all to bring back to their time. But the priest refused. Saying that only a fight would decide whether the ball will help them. If He-Man wins, the ball will bring them back to their time and if he loses, they will all die. He-Man has to fight the priest, who begin to whip He-Man, again and again, but He-Man defeats the Giant, and spares his life. Surprised that He-Man spared his life, the priest tells them all to go to the ball, to hold hands and think of their friends. The Giants have learned from their mistakes and are also on the verge of departure now that their world is healed. He-Man and his friends gather around the ball holding each others hands and think of Teela with all their might. In the next moment they are in the garden of the palace. The adventure is over happy. Teela receives her friends, but Goras twists the stories of what happened so that he was the great warrior and hero, who has saved them all, when Orko conjures a spell that snaps like a firecracker, Goras runs and hides.

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