Europa - Germany - Masters of the Universe
(Episode 03) Sturm auf Castle Grayskull
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Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Running Time: 44 min.
Language: German

Sturm auf Castle Grayskull

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"Assault On Eternos (Assault On Castle Grayskull"

On a particularly clear night, so clear that the distant planets can be seen in the sky. Prince Adam and Cringer investigate a report of poachers in the Evergreen Forest, the two accidentally fall into a deep pit. After a transformation into He-Man and Battle Cat, He-Man tries to reach the edge of the pit, on the back of the raised Battle Cat, but is unsuccessful. A stranger named Trojan, finds the two in the pit and uses a fallen tree to help the two escape the pit. Thanking the stranger, He-Man invites him to a banquet at the Royal Palace Of Eternos. King Randor was throwing a banquet in the honor of He-Man. When He-Man arrives at the Royal Palace, he introduces Trojan to everybody at the palace. The Masters find Trojan quite likable, but Teela is particularly enchanted by the stranger. Trojan told them that he came from the islands of the Star Bridge, which lay to the west of Eternia. Orko has a bad vibe about Trojan and becomes skeptical of' his intentions, but before he has the opportunity to investigate his suspicions, the palace is suddenly attacked by two Demon Hounds. As the two invulnerable Demon Hounds reek havoc on the City Of Eternos. Quickly He-Man and the Masters spring into action to defend the Royal Palace from these creatures. The beasts are so strong, that even He-Man can not compete against them. The Spirit Of King Grayskull, appeared to Orko and advised him to find a way to blindfold beasts, which would cause them to disappear forever. Orko conjures to throw over the dogs head, causing it to become docile under the blanket of darkness. Orko conjures another sheet for He-Man to use on the other Demon Hound. After the Demon Hounds are imprisoned, Orko muses about how the hounds were able to enter the City Of Eternos. In the after effects of the attacks, there were a few injuries, including Trojan. While the wounded are attended to, Skeletor appears in the Collector, who circled the palace exploring the location inside the walls of the city. He-Man threw up his Sword Of Power to destroy the engines and causing it to fall from the sky onto the Fertile Plains. Orko and Man-at-Arms who had reached the city gates, witnesses a long, metal, mechanical arm breaking from the soil and opened the city gate, allowing an army of Robot Ants into the city for a second attack on the Royal Palace Of Eternos. Trojan, who had apparently been fighting on the side of the heroes, but in reality he was the one who was controlling the attacks on the palace. The city became infested with Robot Ants. The situation seemed hopeless, because many of the Masters were not present, because they were still in the Plane Of Eternity. The only Masters preset at the Royal Palace was: He-Man, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Orko, Ram Man, Battle Cat and the armies of guards of Royal Guardsmen. He-Man boarded a Wind Raider and fired upon the robot attackers, but realized that there were far more Robot Ants than he could destroy. During his attacks, He-Man was able to observe that Trojan was the traitor. He-Man called upon Orko, who appeared in the Wind Raider with He-Man, to cast a spell to remove Trojan's mask. As the Trollan cast a spell, Trojan's mask disappears to revealed that he was in fact, Trap Jaw. He-Man jumps from the Wind Raider onto the place where Trap Jaw stood. With his mighty power, He-Man throws Trap Jaw over the city walls, where he is caught by a Robot Ant and escapes. Skeletor, who had obtained the service of a powerful evil wizard, approached the palace with the evil Sword Of The Magician. The Sorceress telepathically contacts He-Man and tells him that the St Sword Of The Magician must be destroyed before sunrise, or the two would become invincible - and Skeletor would be victorious! Ram-Man, who accompanied He-Man on his quest to find the Magician, used his mighty force to ram through the robot masses, clearing a way for He-Man, leading to Skeletor and the mysterious Magician. He-Man insisted to fight the enemies alone. As the sun was approaching in the horizon, he battled the Magician and Skeletor at the same time. He-Man proved that he was the strongest of the strong, managing to break the sword of the Magician! The magic of evil was broken and causing the two villains to retreat.

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