Europa - Germany - Masters of the Universe
(Episode 04) Der unbezwingbare Drache
Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Running Time: 47 min.
Language: German

Der unbezwingbare Drache

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"The Invincible Dragon"

As Teela enters the garden of the Royal Palace, she spots Prince Adam and Cringer lying around lazily. She criticizes that they could never be the duo that He-Man and Battle Cat is. Orko than arrives to demonstrate a new trick, but is grabbed by the evil Screech. Orko than teleports himself back to the Royal Garden, unharmed. Suddenly a Trollan, named Arkia appears. As Arkia introduces herself, the Sorceress telepathically contacts Adam and tells him that a Dragon is attacking Castle Grayskull and she needs his help. Prince Adam and Cringer race off to become He-Man and Battle Cat, than they head off to Castle Grayskull. When He-Man and Battle Cat arrive at Castle Grayskull, they commence in battle with the fire-breathing menace. He-Man eventually defeats the Dragon and sends it away. Meanwhile, Orko is in seventh heaven with Arkia, who idolizes him, but she still is not ready to show him her face, the Trollan custom of love. Arkia decides to demonstrate one of her spells to Orko, who is delighted to see her magic, but tricks Orko and conjures a spell that would trap him inside the walls of the Royal Palace. When Teela comes looking for Orko, Arkia persuades Teela to watch her demonstrate one of her spells. With a spell, she turns her into a chirping bird. When Prince Adam and Cringer returned to the Royal Palace, Man-At-Arms approaches them, as he is concerned that Orko and Teela has disappeared. Man-At-Arms mentions that he has been disrupted by this annoying bird that has been handing around the Palace. Man-At-Arms also reports that there is a bigger Dragon, not from this world, is headed to Castle Grayskull. Adam believes that this is all been a plan by Skeletor. After Prince Adam and Cringer's transformation, they all jump into a Wind Raider and fly to Castle Grayskull. Battle Cat is left behind, to wait for Orko and Teela. When they arrive, He-Man fires a laser beam at the Dragon, but misses, making it angry. As they battle this monster, The Sorceress, Ram-Man, Man-E-Faces and Stratos arrive. He-Man calls for a joint fight against the dragon. Their joint effort was unsuccessful. Man-At-Arms decides to use his new sleeping gas bomb and was successful at putting the beast to sleep. He-Man and all others retreat behind the castle walls and pull up the gate. Battle Cat asks Arkia about Orko and Teela, but claims to not know anything. Battle Cat hears the bells of Orko, but he cannot find him. Even the annoying bird lands on Battle Cat's back. The sleeping effect doesn't last long. He-Man calls upon the Spirit of Grayskull trying to find a solution, but the words of the Spirit are all too mysterious, but with a little thought, Man-At-Arms and He-Man interpret the words. They have to go to the Sea Of Rakash and find Mer Man, who has the amulet that they must seize in order to fight against the dragon.  It does not take long before they arrive at Mer Man's lair and steals the amulet from him. Shortly, before they arrive at Castle Grayskull, Arkia flies towards them and demands the amulet. Realizing that Arkia may know what to do about the dragon. It turns out that Arkia, who is under the control of Mer-Man, because he had traveled to Trolla and had taken her amulet. Moreover, the dragon is a friend of Arkia's and after they have gotten the Amulet, Akira releases Teela and Orko before they return to Trolla.

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