Europa - Germany - Masters of the Universe
(Episode 09) Die Ebene der Ewigkeit
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Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Running Time: 46 min.
Language: German

Die Ebene der Ewigkeit

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"The Level Of Eternity"

A stranger masquerading as a harmless citizen, named Reigam comes in the royal palace from the Plane of Eternity. Reigam interrupts Orko, who was performing a magic trick for King Randor and Queen Marlena, causing him to botch the trick. After Reigam had laughed over a botched magic trick, he tells He-Man and his friends, that Skeletor has joined forces with a evil wizard named the Magi. Reigam also reports that Skeletor planned a campaign against the Royal Palace Of Eternos. The attack would start from the Plain Of Eternity, where the Warlocks of the Shadow Empire, had allied themselves with Skeletor. Nobody doubted the words of the unknown old man – all except Orko, who had a bad feeling about him. While He-Man, Orko and Battle Cat fly in the Wind Raider to Castle Grayskull to seek direction from the Sorceress. The Sorceress could sense nothing, but a distant cry for help. He-Man believes that Skeletor had begun his assault on Eternos. Since his only lead was the Plain Of Eternity, they return to the Wind Raider and begin their journey to the north, where the Plane of Eternity is located. Reigam who is reveals himself as the same evil wizard, who was hidden under a hooded robe that tried to take over Eternia, with the Sword Of The Magician. He contacts Skeletor to report that their plan is working smoothly. The Plain Of Eternity has been described as a seemingly peaceful green country but had a dark side, and brought them scary creatures and hideous monsters. When they arrive they fall into a deadly trap, set by Beast-Man and Trap Jaw, where they were immediately attacked by monsters! To make matters worse, that Orko succumbed to the magical powers and was overcome by sleep. He-Man and Battle Cat now have serious problems, because they stood alone in battle, against the supremacy of monsters. Meanwhile, at the Royal Palace Of Eternos, Man-At-Arms and Teela, see the ominous threat in the form of giant monsters, that are marching towards the Royal Palace. However, they can achieve little against the approaching threat, because Reigam casts a spell and puts everyone in the Royal Palace asleep. Then the Sorceress telepathically contacts Stratos, who is visiting the City Of Avion, and tells him of the events that are happening currently. In the Plain Of Eternity, Stratos and fellow Avionians arrive and helps He-Man defeat the evil beasts. The Sorceress telepathically informs He-Man, that it was Reigam who imposed the magic of sleep over Eternos and all the people, including Teela and Man-at-Arms. However, He-Man must continue to linger in the Plain Of Eternity to find the the Cosmic Bridge, which is connected with the long-forgotten past of Earth, conjured by Reigam. She explains that this bridge is the way the monsters are coming to Eternia. The monsters are from Earths past called Dinosaurs. The only way he can break the spell, is to destroy the Cosmic Bridge and the Stalagmites.The Sorceress then tells He-Man and his friends, where to find the Cosmic Bridge and it's stalagmites. Finally, He-Man, Battle Cat, Orko and Stratos reached the Cosmic Bridge, Skeletor, Reigam, Beast-Man and Trap Jaw are waiting for them. Despite the massive opposition Skeletor and his allies, He-Man succeeded in destroying the stalagmites of the Cosmic Bridge, that breaks Reigam´s power and sends him back to his own dimension. By destroying the stalagmites, it causes the to cave collapse, trapping Skeletor and his minions under the debris. Upon returning home, the heroes find a liberated Eternos. All the monsters, who had hours earlier besieging the city, were gone.

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