Europa - Germany - Masters of the Universe
(Episode 10) Das Geheimnis der Mystic Mountains
Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Running Time: 42 min.
Language: German

Das Geheimnis der Mystic Mountains

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The Mystery Of The Mystic Mountains
(Das Geheimnis der Mystic Mountains)

He-Man wasn't convinced that Skeletor and his minions had perished beneath the rubble of the collapsed cave, which used to be the home of the Cosmic Bridge. At Castle Grayskull, the Sorceress shows He-Man through the Window Of Spirits, that Skeletor and his minions were able to free themselves from the rubble. When the Cosmic Bridge was destroyed, the magical stalagmites and stalactites punctured a hole into the eerie Dimension Of The Dead. The destruction of the stalagmites are still connected to the distant world earth, not only that, one of the demons had taken a piece of a stalagmite, that made up the cosmic bridge, as it was sucked back into it the Dimension Of The Dead. With the stalagmite, the Demon becomes linked to the spirit of the late Myrat. Myrat was once one of the most powerful wizard from the cosmos. The Spirit Of Myrat that is planning to offer Skeletor his most powerful weapon: the Ring Of Absolute Power, which is an ancient talisman would make the wearer even more powerful than He-Man and the Sword Of Power. There is only one way to stop Skeletor from acquiring the ring, is that He-Man must go back to the Mystic Mountains to get the ring before he does. If He-Man gets it first, Myrat's legacy would disappear forever into the Dimension Of The Dead. Together with Man-At-Arms, Battle Cat and Orko, He-Man travels in a Wind Raider to the Mystic Mountains. As they were traveling above the Vine Jungle, they are taken by surprise when they are attacked by Trap Jaw's newest weapon called the Anti-Gravity Beam Glider, that causes the Wind Raider to halt. Man-At-Arms, who was flying the Wind Raider, struggled and couldn't free the vehicle. Their only hope was to jump, but the only thing to break their fall was a Giant Spider's web. He-Man goes first and falls directly in the network and with the help of Orko's magic, they succeeded in temporarily repel the Giant Spider, leaving it free for Battle Cat and Man-At-Arms to jump onto the web. Once free from the web, the four now had to travel the dangerous Vine Jungle. For hours, the heroes were fighting through this area, but have lost a lot of time in the process. Their hope was melting away, because they knew that they could not reach the cave before Skeletor at this pace! As they traveled the Vine Jungle, they were attacked by Jungle Dwarves, whose territory they were in. After their attack with poisoned arrows, Orko used his magic to communicate with them. When he introduced himself as a powerful wizard, the Leader of the Dwarves made him an offer: If he would use his magic to let them grow, his friends would be spared. Otherwise, they would be killed by their Poison Arrows. Orko, whose magic is at times is unreliable, makes a risky deal. But the Trollan was successful in his agreement, because the Trolls grew a few centimeters. Overjoyed, they showed their gratitude - in the form of a Giant Crocodile, on whose back they could ride quickly and safely through the swamps, in which they quickly reached the Mystic Mountains, where the Giant Crocodile left them to return to his home in the jungles. As they moved on, they were very soon confronted with the eerie sounds of the inhabitants of the Mystic Mountains. Not only the Spirits Of The dead angrily circled the mountain that contained the cave to the former Cosmic Bridge, they could see huge dinosaurs wandering about and a they were in the territory of a Cannibal Tribe. Managing to avoid all that, they finally could see Skeletor and his minions, as they stood at the entrance to a cave. They realized that they were too late, for Skeletor was long inside the cave and returned wearing the “Ring Of Absolute Power”. It came down to a battle between the Sword Of Power and the Ring Of Absolute Power, which was He-Man defeated! As He-Man had fought Skeletor, his Demons had defeated the heroes, but before Skeletor could kill them, Orko used his magic to transport his friends back to the Wind Raider, which was was no longer held by the Anti-Gravity Beam Glider and was caught within a bunch of trees. Together they flew back to the Royal Palace of Eternos, which had been long under Skeletor's control. When Myrat gave Skeletor the ring, he told him "If you forget to share the joy, you're going to lose power”. But Skeletor's personality was anything but the joy of sharing, he alone would be the winner. This He-Man took advantage of this as a last resort. Together with Teela, He-Man activated Man-At-Arms newest invention of, the Voice Paralyzer, which put opponents into a state where they could not speak or move. As He-Man repeated the words of Myrat, via telepathically from the Sorceress. As he spoke the final word, Myrat's spirit appeared in front of Skeletor, causing the ring and Myrat to go up in flames, lifting the curse on the Royal Palace Of Eternos. Skeletor was beaten, so he used his magic to allow himself and his henchman to escape back to Snake Mountain, as all the Eternians cheered their hero, He-Man.

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