Europa - Germany - Masters of the Universe
(Episode 24) Skeletors Meisterplan
Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Year: 1987
Country: Germany
Running Time: 45 min.
Language: German

Skeletors Meisterplan

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Skeletor's Master Plan  

In Snake Mountain, Beast-Man watched as Skeletor was working on a machine that would be able to penetrate time. The Lord of Destruction reminded Beast-Man, that Man-E-Faces had searched a long time for his long-lost daughter, Kerstin. Skeletor decided he wanted to help him for a price. Back at the Royal Palace, Orko could hardly believe his eyes when he suddenly a Trollan girl appears. Orko falls Head over heels in love with this beauty called Eiwa and wanted to give her a very beautiful flower. Instead, he conjured up a giant carnivorous plant, which immediately grabbed the two Trollans. Speedily, Adam and Cringer transformed into He-Man and Battle Cat, and cut them free. Zoar then flies overhead and telepathically contacts He-Man, telling him to please meat her at Castle Grayskull. He-Man, Battle Cat, Man-At-Arms and Man-E-Faces take the Wind Raider to Castle Grayskull. When they arrive, the Sorceress expresses concern, because some parts of Castle Grayskull are missing. She senses that the answer may be found in the Sands Of Time. The Sorceress showed them an image of a time tunnel, which leads to the time in Man-E-Faces' past. They should go there - but they should not forget that they may run into a young Man-E-Faces. Without wasting time they headed for the Sands of Time. After a brief clash with a giant monster, Orko suddenly hears the cries of Eiwa. Without thinking of his friends, he went in search of her. The others entered the time tunnel that took them far into the past. On the journey, they have inundated by images and sensations, pleasant and frightening. Then they came into another strange world. Before They appear on a floating palace that Man-E-Faces knew all too well, because here he had lost his daughter. The time tunnel disappeared. On Eternia, Orko had caught up with Eiwa and started to drag her with him, accidentally tearing her robe discovering that underneath her clothes concealing a robot! Skeletor created Eiwa to separate Orko from Masters. Before the robot could attack, Orko destroys it. In the past, the Masters had reached the castle and was standing in front of a glass pane. After an successful kick from He-Man, the pane shattered. Inside the castle, an unknown force seemed to force Man-E-Faces to change into his robot face. He explained that the castle was built according to mathematical laws that must be fallowed. The rooms include a message that tell the difference between life and death. Man-E-Faces chose the ghostly apparition, so he was able to penetrate into the world of spirits and magic. But what he saw, he kept to himself. He resumed his human face and drew back for a while to think about the past of her boyfriend and his daughter's fate. While talking of his absence, He-Man and Man-At-Arms then were rejoined by Man-E-Faces and decided to get to the bottom of the mystery of the fortress. Deeper and deeper they traveled into the castle until they came upon a crystal column, concealing Man-E-Faces' daughter. In addition, there was a hole in the ground which led to nowhere. Man-E-Faces told them that his daughter plunged into the hole which had separated her shadow from the body. He-Man wanted to go down against the warnings of his friends and free the young woman. This is exactly what was Skeletor's master plan! So he jumped in the magic funnel and passed minutes of unbearable waiting. He-Man had survived and climbed back up - along with Kerstin. Overjoyed, Kerstin fell into her father's arms. The Sorceress had constructed a time tunnel that brought everyone back into the present. There they faced Skeletor and his Evil Warriors, who were convinced that He-Man was gone forever. Startled by the unexpected return, Skeletor and his minions retreat back to Snake Mountain.

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