Europa - Germany - Masters of the Universe
(Episode 31) Die Pyramide der Unsterblichkeit
Series: Masters of the Universe - Original
Year: 1987
Country: Germany
Running Time: 46 min.
Language: German

Die Pyramide der Unsterblichkeit

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Part 1 of 2At the Royal Palace Of Eternos, the place is abuzz with activity as the city prepares for a festival. Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms discover a children's storybook, from which Man-At-Arms used to read to the prince when he was a child in the Royal Library of Eternos. The book was about the fictional "Pyramid Of Immortality", which supposedly had great powers. For old time sake, Man-At-Arms reads the book to Prince Adam and Orko. Skeletor manages hear about the book and believes that truths are hidden in the book about this "Pyramid Of Immortality". Later that night, during the festival, Skeletor and Evil-Lyn sneak into the Royal Palace Of Eternos and steel the book from the Royal Library. During this time, Hordak apparently learns about the book and decides to attack Eternos in the chaos of the festival, causing havoc with his Hurricane-arm. Prince Adam transforms in He-Man, and together with the Masters drive the Evil Horde away. Meanwhile, Orko discovers that Skeletor and Evil-Lyn are in the Royal Palace and that they have stolen a book from the Royal Library. The two quickly escape and return to Snake Mountain. Orko quickly tells He-Man, Man-At-Arms and Teela about Skeletor stealing a book from the Royal Library. Sensing the danger of Skeletor potentially have the means to acquire great powers, the Sorceress telepathically contacts He-Man and tells him that he must get the book back. The heroes set for Snake Mountain to retrieve the stolen book. During this time, King Hiss learns about the book and decides to attack Snake Mountain to acquire the book of himself. As Skeletor revels in his success in stealing the book, King Hiss and Tung Lasher attack from the darkness. During an epic fight between Skeletor and King Hiss, the heroes arrive to intercept the book. As He-Man joins in the battle, Man-At-Arms manages to retrieve the book and finds that it is the children's storybook in which Skeletor he stole. He-Man manages to overpower King Hiss and Tung Lashor, causing them to retreat. Man-At-Arms reveals to Skeletor, that he had stolen a mere children's book. Back at the Royal Palace Of Eternos, Orko receives a strange distress message from another universe. Orko uses his magic to bring this distressed being to Eternia. A strange robotic creature appears in the courtyard. He reveals that his names is “Multi-Bot”, and Orko just helped him escape the destruction of his own universe. Meanwhile, at Castle Grayskull, The heroes explain the whole situation about the children's book to the Sorceress, in the end all having a big laugh over Skeletor's mistake.
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