Battle Armor He-Man
Mini Statues
Heroic Warriors
Series: Masters of the Universe - The Modern Series
Producer/Licensee: NECA
Year: 2007

Main Image


When Skeletor appears on the battlefields of Eternia wearing enchanted armor and wielding a mystical axe capable of cleaving stone, He-Man knows he needs an edge. The Sorceress leads him deep within the dark halls of Castle Greyskull, to a room pulsing with magical energies - the armory of King Grayskull himself! Ignoring the elaborately crafted and intricately inlaid pieces, He-Man chooses a dusty breastplate, marked with an ancient heraldic symbol of Grayskull's line, and promises to return it as soon as the battle is over. As he leaves to join the fight, the richly crafted weapons shimmer and fade, revealing a smaller, more humble collection: the true weapons of Grayskull's armory.
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