Mini Statues
Evil Warriors
Series: Masters of the Universe - Modern Series
Producer/Licensee: NECA
Year: 2007
Wave: 6

Main Image


If there is one thing the dreaded Skeletor relishes more than defeating his enemies, it is enslaving them. No one of his warriors knows this better than the man known as Jitsu! Once a ruler of a peaceful society in the far east, Skeletor's armies decimated his people after he would not craft weapons for the dark armies. Anxious to demean his peaceful legacy, Skeletor fused the man with an ancient artifact called the Dragon's Claw, a massive gauntlet that possesses its wearer and is capable of splitting stone. As Eternians flee in terror from his bloody campaign, little do they know a lost soul watches in terror and sadness through the general's blood red eyes!Note: Jitsu came packaged with a figure of Odiphus. The character who would later become the evil warrior known as Stinkor.
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