"Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 1983-85
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: Cinnamon-Wengrod
Year: 1985
Director: Steve Clark
Production No: MU116


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

Man-At-Arms secretly tests his new Duplicator machine in the forest, where they discover that the machines makes half-size duplicates of anything. Skeletor and Whiplash spy on them and follow them back to the Royal Palace. The villains steal the Duplicator and flee. Skeletor uses the Duplicator to create an army of Skeletoids, which descend upon the Royal Palace and take over. Jovah and his family have come to King Randor for help in finding their lost Bambite. Jovah uses his last gem of Bambite to make He-Man, Battle Cat, and himself invisible so they can sneak out of the Palace. Whiplash and the Skeletoids capture them and take them to Skeletor. The Skeletoids turn on each other, and He-Man duplicates himself twice. The Duplicator is destroyed, causing the Skeletoids to vanish. Jovah discovers the supply of Bambite that Skeletor stole from his people. They return to the Royal Palace with the Bambite.

Synopsis by Zadoc Angell

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