"Visitors From Earth"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 1983-85
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: Mike Hazy
Year: 1985
Director: Gwen Wetzler
Production No: MU119


Two astronauts from Earth, Colonel Mark Blaze and Major Andrea Steele, travel through a vortex and decide to land on Eternia, where they detect life. Andrea parachutes down to the Royal Palace, where she meets Queen Marlena, who is remembered on Earth as the famous astronaut Marlena Glen. Andrea explains that her ship is carrying a missile that will be used to destroy a giant meteor on a collision course with Earth. Mark lands the ship at Snake Mountain, where Skeletor captures him. Skeletor wants to use the colonel's missile on Castle Grayskull. He-Man, Battle Cat, and Andrea go to Snake Mountain and rescue Mark from his cell. Man-At-Arms and Mark repair the spaceship while He-Man and Andrea go to Grayskull. Screeech places the missile near the jaw-bridge, but He-Man interrupts Skeletor and Evil-Lyn's plans. Skeletor's blasts knock the missile into the abyss, so He-Man flies the Wind Raider into the abyss and retrieves it. He and Mark fly into outerspace, and He-Man launches the missile himself destroying the meteor.
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