"The Cold Zone"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 1983-85
Producer: Filmation
Season: 2
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Year: 1985
Director: Marsh Lamore
Production No: MU130


Original airdate: 12/8/1985

Kobra Khan persuades He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Battle Cat, and Orko to help his native people, the Reptons, from succumbing to permanent hibernation. The Eternal Flame that warms their underground lair has mysteriously expired, but when He-Man tries to fix it, the Reptons arrest him and blame him for the non-existent flame, based on the eye-witness testimony of Kobra Khan. Khan goads good King Pythos into giving his crown to whomever restores the flame, but Khan's scheme has worked too well because his ice crystal has smothered the flame out permanently. Court jester Scales frees He-Man and leads him to the Eternal Flame, where he drills to a layer of magma that restores the flame and proves Kobra Khan's treachery.

Synopsis by Zadoc Angell

 Interesting Episode Facts

- When the series first aired on TV this was the last episode and concluded the series.  However, when BCI released the episodes on DVD episodes were moved around for continuity's sake and episode MU110 ("The Problem with Power) was moved after this one to be the very last episode.

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