"A Beastly Sideshow"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 1983-85
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Peter L. Dixon; Teleplay by Dixon & Robby London
Year: 1982
Director: Gwen Wetzler
Production No: MU015


Original Airdate: ?/?/1983

A carnival arrives at the Royal Palace, and Adam, Cringer, Man-At-Arms, Teela and Orko are all in attendance. Beast Man in disguise shows the Shadow Beast to Teela, but Teela calms the beast down. Cringer begins to fall for one of the sideshow stars, Pretty Kitty. That night Pretty Kitty lures Cringer away from his room and he follows her right into Beast Man's trap. Learning that Cringer is a prisoner of Skeletor He-Man rushes to Snake Mountain. Teela follows He-Man, thinking that it is Adam who has gone to rescue Cringer. Teela once again meets the Shadow Beast just as it attacks He-Man, but once again she manages to calm it down. He-Man finds Cringer in a cage perched on a ledge. Cringer bravely saves He-Man from walking into a trap. Cringer is transformed into Battle Cat and the two enter Snake Mountain. Teela is captured by falling into the very trap set for He-Man. After a brief battle with Evil-Lyn and Beast Man, He-Man and Battle Cat confront Skeletor. His trick of mirroring himself is foiled when Orko's pepper strikes the floor and causes Skeletor to sneeze, shattering the illusion. They save Teela and head back home.

Synopsis by Zadoc Angell

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