"Valley of Power"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 1983-85
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Douglas Booth
Year: 1983
Director: Lou Zukor
Production No: MU038


Original Airdate: ?/?/1983

In the Valley of Power, the stranger Danavas wants to steal the Mother Rogue's egg. Teela, Prince Adam, and Cringer are exploring the area in search of magical waters. She recalls that the spring only rises once every thousand years. The Mother Rogue returns to her nest and finds her egg missing. Adam and Cringer transform into He-Man and Battle Cat. The Mother Rogue takes Teela to her nest and Danavas waits to drink the magic water. The egg hatches, and the newborn Rogue grows to full size. Danavas attacks with the Baby Rogue, which scoops up He-Man, but he manages to land safely by learning to fly utilizing two giant feathers. Battle Cat communicates with the Mother Rogue and Teela follows Danavas. At the Royal Palace Teela and Orko battle Danavas, then depart to Castle Grayskull as He-Man arrives. The Sorceress gives them an antidote to feed to the Baby Rogue. He-Man and Battle Cat fight Danavas in the skies, and upon receiving the antidote feed it to the Baby Rogue. The Mother and Baby Rogue head off back to the Valley of Power.

Synopsis by Zadoc Angell

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