"The Witch and The Warrior"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 1983-85
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Paul Dini
Year: 1983
Director: Marsh Lamore
Production No: MU059


Original Airdate: ?/?/1983

Malik the wizard of Stone Mountain is serving as guardian of the Fountain of Life at Aradan. Many attacks from Kothos lead Malik to ask for help from He-Man. Skeletor sends out Evil-Lyn and Clawful to claim the Fountain of Life. He-Man and Teela meet up with Malik and are attacked by Kothos.

Whilst He-Man battles Clawful, Evil-Lyn and Teela are stranded in the temple which houses the fountain as Kothos levitates it into the skies. Kothos swipes Evil-Lyn's power and transports her and Teela to the desert. He-Man defeats Clawful and heads off to meet Malik, where Man-At-Arms, Orko and Cringer, who becomes Battle Cat, join them.

Evil-Lyn and Teela manage to trick their way into Kothos' stronghold, and Evil-Lyn regains her powers, just as He-Man and his friends arrive to battle Kothos' Orcs. Kothos and Evil-Lyn duel, with Kothos being transformed into a Sandslug. The temple crumbles on top of Evil-Lyn, thus the heroes use the Fountain of Life to save her.

Synopsis by Zadoc Angell

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