She-Ra Unchained
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Year: 1985
Production No: PP003


At the Fright Zone, Hordak introduces his latest invention, the Magnabeam. The Magnabeam transports objects from one place to another. Hordak plans to use the Magnabeam on the Whispering Woods, transporting it to the Valley of Lost, from which no one has ever returned. Hordak takes Mantenna, Adora, and Shadow Weaver to the Plunder Room, where rebels are drained of their willpower in a glass booth; their willpower powering the Magnabeam. Adora, still under Shadow Weaver's magic looks slightly concerned when she sees a defiant rebel about to placed in the glass booth. However Hordak is concerned at the fact that the rebels in the Horde dungeons provide little energy for the machine and commands that more rebels be captured. Meanwhile, in the Whispering Woods Glimmer and Bow try to discourage Adam not to journey to the Fright Zone. After much discussion Adam is finally on his way, and immediately locates a group of marching Horde Troopers. Transforming into He-Man, he captures one of the Troopers and dons the armor, in order to gain entrance unnoticed into the Fright Zone. Shadow Weaver suggests to Hordak that the returning Troopers may have captured some rebels. Her magic allows them to see the Troopers, and Hordak is disappointed there are no rebels with them. They notice that one Trooper is different from the others, and conclude it is He-Man in disguise. Inside the Fright Zone, He-Man confronts Adora, hoping that she has learnt the truth about the Horde. Shadow Weaver's spell over Adora proves more powerful than the truth she had learnt and arrests He-Man, as Hordak arrives on the scene. He-Man is overpowered and when Hordak suggests taking him to charge the Magnabeam Adora is horrified, until Shadow Weaver induces her spell of control over Adora once again. Shadow Weaver, now in possession of both He-Man's Sword of Power and the sword that Adora was holding attempts to understand the nature of the swords' power, but can make no sense of them. Adora is awakened in the night by a strange voice. She goes to the Plunder Room, only to find He-Man's energy being drained. The sword grabs her attention, the Sorceress appearing in the jewel, telling Adora to throw off the spell. The Sorceress tells Adora that she must right the wrongs that the Horde has committed. She reveals that the Horde stole Adora from her parents as a baby, and that she had a twin brother. Adora is stunned when the Sorceress tells her that He-Man, hero and champion on the side of goodness is her twin brother. "For the honor of Grayskull," says the Sorceress, before He-Man is completely drained of his energy and collapses. Adora suddenly raises her sword, reciting the final words spoken to her by the Sorceress, and transforms into She-Ra. The Princess of Power frees He-Man from his imprisonment and gives him the Sword of Power. The power of Grayskull revives He-Man, as Hordak enters the room with the Horde Troopers. While He-Man fends off the Troopers, She-Ra jumps out of the window and crashes into the stable, landing on her horse, Spirit. Spirit transforms into Swift Wind the unicorn. They fly out to warn the Great Rebellion. He-Man jumps up into the top level of the Fright Zone to stop Hordak. The Horde leader unleashes one blast from the Magnabeam, which She-Ra stops with a boulder. He-Man destroys the Magnabeam before Hordak can get a second shot. She-Ra and Swift Wind rescue He-Man, who is astounded when She-Ra reveals she is his sister.Wraparound 1 - "Beast Island " (voiced by Alan Oppenheimer)"In the last episode, He-Man convinced Adora to see for herself how bad the Horde was. Adora learned that He-Man was right, the Horde was evil. She returned to the Fright Zone and told the Horde's leaders she would no longer serve them. But they put an evil spell on her, and stole the sword He-Man had been sent to give to Adora, even as He-Man escaped determined to find her. And now, chapter three of 'The Sword of She-Ra'."Wraparound 2 - "Reunions" (voiced by Alan Oppenheimer)"And now, here are some exciting scenes from chapter four of 'The Sword of She-Ra'."Click here to view Busta Toons review.Write Your Own Review
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