Duel at Devlan
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Year: 1985
Production No: PP006


he village of Devlan, noise from a local restaurant keeps a citizen awake at night. The sleep-deprived man goes to the inn, but he soon regrets his decision when a robot Horde leader named Dylamug greets him. Dylamug takes the man into the inn and forces him to "dance" for the pleasure of his Troopers. The family who owns the restaurant, Darius and his wife and their daughter Kristala, watch helplessly. Darius tries to intervene, but he only becomes Dylamug's next dancing victim in doing so. Kristala, enraged, stops Dylamug by throwing his own pie in his face. Dylamug smiles and leads the Horde Troopers out of the inn, declaring they have had enough fun for one night. At Whispering Woods Sprocker rises early in the morning to polish his sled. Sprittina protests that it never snows in the woods, but Sprocker has Frosta available to remedy that. Frosta coats a hill with snow so that Sprocker can finally enjoy sledding. Frosta says goodbye to Adora before returning to Castle Chill. Meanwhile, Madame Razz tries to use her magic to whip up breakfast. Her attempt at making eggs has eggs raining from the sky, and everyone from Spragg to Bow gets hit by one. Next she tries to create a giant pancake. When a large pancake appears in the sky and falls on the rebels, they know that there is no hope for a normal breakfast. Adora and Spirit leave for their morning flight by transforming into She-Ra and Swift Wind. In a wheat field Horde robots unleash an auto-reaper machine to clear the grain. Looking for help, Kristala wanders into the wheat field and into the auto-reaper's path. She-Ra and Swift Wind spot her from above. She-Ra uses her bare hands to stop the Horde machine. She takes Kristala back to the Whispering Woods, where the girl informs the rebels of Devlan's predicament. She-Ra decides that the rebels should not fight Devlan's battle for itself, but that the citizens should defend themselves. Meanwhile, Kristala's father Darius goes out of the village limits in search of her. Dylamug and his Troopers stop Darius by freezing him. As the Troopers go into Devlan, She-Ra kicks Darius free from his icy state. In the village square Dylamug declares that all the people's valuable possessions must be deposited for use by the Horde. The people obey him, despite the protests of She-Ra. When she tries to convince them to fight for themselves, the people reply that they are too afraid and too discouraged to stand up to the Horde. At the rebel camp Madame Razz tells Bow and Glimmer that She-Ra is fighting the Horde in Devlan, so they leave to help her. She-Ra dares to challenge Dylamug and his Horde Troopers alone, just so she can prove to the villagers that the Horde can be defeated. Her fight is successful until Dylamug blasts her unconscious. Kristala leads the newly energized villagers to defend She-Ra and save their village. The Horde is driven away, and the people of Devlan learn that they can defend themselves against the Horde. Bow and Glimmer arrive, disappointed that there is now nothing for them to do.
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