The Sea Hawk
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Year: 1985
Production No: PP007


She-Ra and Swift Wind fly across the sea and spot a boat in danger. She-Ra carries the boat to shore and greets the elves inside. She-Ra wonders why they were fishing so far out to sea, since the elves generally stay close to the shore. One elf explains that they were trying to avoid the flying monster that recently floated on their waters. She-Ra doubts the authenticity of their tale, but promises to investigate anyway. Flying across the area, She-Ra spots a vessel below and concludes it must have been what frightened the elves of Seaworthy. Watching from a distance, She-Ra discovers that the men are pirates, and they are stealing from the elves' storehouses. She-Ra telepathically senses sadness in the short sailor in her view. She decides to investigate as Adora, and so reverses her transformation to produce Adora and Spirit. Immediately the pirate captain Sea Hawk assaults her. Adora tries to convince him she was not spying, but he sees through her act. Swen, the sad man, intervenes on Adora's behalf and suggests they take her to her supposed destination of Seaworthy. Sea Hawk unwillingly complies, but he mentions that they will have to make their deliveries to Horde Harbor first. Once alone, Swen reveals to Adora that he knows that she is the rebel leader. He hopes Adora can talk Sea Hawk into leaving the Horde for the Rebellion. As the ship sets sail, Adora immediately takes Sea Hawk to task for helping the Horde. Sea Hawk tries to explain that by giving the Horde what it wants, he is maintaining his own freedom. Adora counters that as long as he serves the Horde, he will never truly be free. Sea Hawk relates his independence to that of a nearby flying Sea Fairy, but Adora clasps it and warns him that the Horde will end his freedom whenever it pleases. Sea Hawk leaves to think about her words. When the vessel docks at Horde Harbor, the sultry Catra greets Sea Hawk. He demands his money and is paid. Catra sends her Troopers aboard the ship to collect the supplies. They immediately spot Adora and surround her. Grizzlor seizes Sea Hawk, and Catra forces him to order his crew members to arrest Adora. As Adora is carried away by Horde Troopers, Sea Hawk apologizes to her and tells Swen to set sail. Swen later shames Hawk for his cowardly act of giving Adora over to Catra. The sting of Adora's words overwhelms him and Hawk decides to fight against the Horde. The vessel unleashes its solar sails and takes to the air. Catra reports to Hordak and Shadow Weaver that she has captured Adora. Sea Hawk's ship rams Catra's from above, shaking the Horde vessel. Sea Hawk invades the ship and quickly disposes of Grizzlor and his Horde Troopers, releasing Adora from her cage. Catra suddenly attacks, so Sea Hawk slams the door to keep Adora contained and safe. He challenges Catra, and she transforms into her cat form. Inside the room Adora transforms into She-Ra. She-Ra disposes of Catra using a Horde helmet to cover the cat's eyes. She-Ra kicks a falling piece of metal out of Sea Hawk's way, saving his life. He promises her any reward she wants, and She-Ra asks that he change his ways and join the Rebellion. Sea Hawk is convinced and decides to become a friend of the rebels. She-Ra leaves, promising that Adora will return to meet him. Adora contacts Hordak via the viewscreen and shows Catra and Grizzlor now trapped in the cells. Adora thinks that this is the start of a beautiful friendship between her and Sea Hawk.
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