The Missing Axe
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Year: 1985
Production No: PP009


Adora rides Spirit into the woods on their trip to meet Bow at Lavender Pond. Adora transforms into She-Ra when she discovers a Horde Trooper attacking a little creature called a scruffier. She-Ra promptly defeats the Trooper and his Capture-Bot. The scruffer jumps into She-Ra's arms, thankful, and She-Ra sees it is hurt. She heals the creature before sending it away to its mother. Meanwhile, Bow, Kowl, and Arrow visit Mark and his sons Thad and Kyle. Bow's arrow shooting impresses the boys, but their father says they must wait until they are more responsible before they can take archery lessons. Thad and Kyle volunteer to go cut wood, and Mark grants their wish by providing his ax for them, reminding them that the ax is his livelihood. Later, they become exhausted from chopping wood. They decide to rest by the brook to cool off and leave the ax by a log. Twiggets Spragg and Sprocker soon walk by and notice the ax. They decide to take the ax to Madame Razz in hopes that she can identify its owner. The boys race back to the log, but are distraught when they find the ax missing. They quickly develop a story about a thief in a purple cloak stealing the ax. Returning home, they quickly feed their excuse to Mark and Bow. Bow is determined to retrieve the ax, and he believes the robber might have gone to the village of Greenthatch. Greenthatch is a dangerous, Horde-occupied village, but Bow decides to go anyway, convinced this is a simple mission. The boys worry that they might have put Bow in danger. In Greenthatch, Kowl and a disguised Bow watch for a man in a purple cloak, but they see no one fitting the description. Unbeknownst to them, Mantenna spots them, and after a brief chase, Bow is capture, Kowl and Arrow managing to escape. Meanwhile, Adora and Spirit are at Lavender Pond, still waiting for Bow. Adora decides it has been too long and she should find Bow. She and Spirit transform into She-Ra and Swift Wind and take off for Mark's home. Upon her arrival, Mark and his sons tell her that Bow has gone to Greenthatch. Concerned, She-Ra begins asking Thad and Kyle more questions. When they give different answers for the scene of the robbery, She-Ra suspects there is more to their story. The boys finally reveal that it was all a lie to cover up the ax's mysterious and sudden disappearance. Kowl arrives and relates Bow's capture to everyone, and She-Ra decides to go to the Dark Mountains, where the slave transport is headed. The slave transport roams across a rocky part of Etheria's terrain. She-Ra pushes a boulder in front of it, and the drivers stop the transport. She-Ra lands on the vehicle's roof and rips it open. The Horde Troopers jump out of the transport, as She-Ra a large sheet of metal around them. She is quickly challenged by Mantenna, who resents her meddling. When Mantenna's eyes begin firing at her, She-Ra jumps, back-flips, and somersaults so that Mantenna becomes confused and his eyes cross. He falls to the ground, defeated. She-Ra frees Bow and the prisoners from the slave transport. He thanks She-Ra and they return to Mark's home. Bow again expresses his gratitude and produces a dove for She-Ra. Thad and Kyle apologize for lying and jeopardizing Bow's life. Spragg and Sprocker bring the ax to the crowd, glad to finally catch up with Madame Razz. As soon as they arrive, everyone begins laughing, and Mark retrieves his ax.
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