The Prisoners of Beast Island
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Year: 1985
Production No: PP010


Adora, Bow, Castaspella, and Sorrowful the dragon are discussing the Horde's preparations to attack Bluestone. Adora transforms into She-Ra in advance of their attack. The villagers hide as the rebels prepare for the attack. A barrage of Horde fire is directed at the gateway leading into the village, causing it to buckle. Sorrowful attempts to scare them away, but seeing that he is no threat, Catra presses her troops forward. Castaspella creates a gap in the ground to slow their march, as She-Ra uses her sword as an icemaker to freeze the tanks in place and uses an old palace roof as a spinning top to scare the Horde away. The rebels are stunned when they see that the Horde have captured Sorrowful. The Horde carries Sorrowful to the prison on Beast Island, as Bow blames himself for failing to protect him. They all decide to go to Beast Island to save their friend. Sorrowful is dropped into the dungeons containing a prison of threatening beasts. As they arrive at the island, She-Ra and Castaspella fend off the Horde Troopers, while Bow and Kowl rush off to find Sorrowful. Bow trips and falls through a secret tunnel into the dungeon, where he meets up with Sorrowful, as Kowl goes to tell the others about Bow. A fleet of Horde Destroyers begin to surround the island in an impervious energy mesh, but She-Ra swims to create a whirlpool which sweeps them beneath the waves. Catra and her army surround the other rebels. Bow and Sorrowful are both scared, but they believe that the other beasts are just as scared. Sorrowful attempts to inspire the beasts to overcome their fears and unite to fight the Horde. Using his flame breath, Sorrowful helps them all escape, and the beasts waste no time in frightening Grizzlor. She-Ra lifts the ship which carried Catra, Leech, and Rattlor to the island, causing them to fall out, and tosses the ship across the water as she would a skipping stone, destroying the other Horde Destroyers. Defeating the Horde Troopers and escaping the island, the rebels leave the Horde behind to face the beasts that they had imprisoned. Back at Mystacore Sorrowful promises to never again let his friends down.
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