The Laughing Dragon
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Year: 1985
Production No: PP012


At an independence celebration at Elberon, Bow and Kowl try to get a drink of water. The pair locate a well, and to determine if the well has any water, Bow tosses a rock down the well. He is informed by one of the villagers that the well once housed a Horde fuel tank. But the warning comes too late as the rock causes sparks, which result in the fuel tank exploding. She-Ra arrives to create a whirlwind, carrying the flames to water. However, the ground begins to shake, as a dragon emerges from the well. The dragon, named Sorrowful, is quite unusual in that he is afraid of almost everything. He tells Adora that he just wants to be friends with the rebels, and is embarrassed by his fears. He makes friends with Adora, and tells Adora that he desires courage. Adora suggests that they speak with her friend Castaspella, the Queen of Mystacore. Meanwhile, Mantenna and the Horde are clearing a path through Greenvale toward Mystacore, as Hordak desires to divide and conquer the region of Mystacore. Castaspella has begun a ceremony of courage, but Sorrowful is still scared of the smallest things. The rebels learn that Hordak is attempting to conquer Mystacore, and while Adora transforms into She-Ra, the plan to stop the Horde is discussed. Sorrowful has an opportunity to earn his courage by using his size and the fact that he is a dragon to scare the Horde, but Imp who has been spying on the rebels informs the Horde of the cowardly dragon. She-Ra attempts to warn King Gruff of Greenvale that Hordak needs to be stopped, but his people are peaceful in nature. She-Ra warns the Horde to retreat from Mystacore, but only Sorrowful ends up fleeing, as the Horde presses forward and fires on the rebels. As the Horde tanks advance, She-Ra is able to demolish them with a boulder, but she needs Sorrowful's help. She gives him a necklace which she claims will protect him permitting him to protect his friends by confronting the Horde. This gives Sorrowful the courage he needs to use his fire-breathing ability to repel the Horde and send them fleeing. As the rebels claim victory, Sorrowful learns that the necklace She-Ra gave him was not magic, and that his courage was his own, prompting him to momentarily faint. Castaspella invites him to stay in Mystacore, an offer he accepts.
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