Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Year: 1985
Production No: PP014


Adora has received a letter from Loni, her second-in-command and close friend from her days in the Horde. Hordak has blamed her for Adora's defection to the Great Rebellion, and is planning to send Loni to the Horde slave pits as punishment. Adora is determined to help her friend, but when Bow offers his help, she refuses, asserting that this is not business of the rebellion itself, but personal to her. Adora finds cover, transforms into She-Ra, and rides Swift Wind to the Fright Zone to help free her friend. There, she fights a monster from the surrounding murky waters and manages to defeat the creature. She also faces a tyrosaur, but instead of fighting it, she uses her telepathy to sense that its wing is in pain. She-Ra reaches out and heals it, leaving it grateful as it flies away to safer territory. Meanwhile, Bow and Kowl disobey Adora's request and decide to go the Fright Zone on their own to help her. She-Ra arrives at the Fright Zone, and transforms back into Adora in order to better greet her friend and explain her presence. She finds Loni, who has summoned her into a trap, as Hordak suddenly appears and takes Adora prisoner. Adora learns that Loni needed to trick her to the Fright Zone, because Hordak has imprisoned her father on Beast Island. Bow arrives at the Fright Zone, confronting an army of Horde Troopers led by Grizzlor in order to reach Adora. Bow finally arrives at where Adora is being held prisoner, but Hordak uses his sleep gas to capture him. Kowl, in a moment of bravery, comes to the window and escapes with Adora's loose Sword of Protection. Bow and Adora are transported to Beast Island. Shadow Weaver plots to use her magic to once again enchant Adora into serving the Horde. Kowl arrives on Beast Island, delivering the sword to Adora, who uses it transform into She-Ra. She bursts through her jail cell and frees Bow, and they make their escape from Beast Island. Loni encounters them, and reveals herself to be a victim of conscience who came to help free Adora, join the Great Rebellion, and enlist their help in freeing her father. As they all arrive at her father's cell, Bow fends off the Horde Troopers while She-Ra uses chains to ensnare Hordak, also countering Shadow Weaver's magic. She-Ra rescues Loni's father, and they all retreat from Beast Island, as Hordak orders them stopped. They exit the prison, but they emerge to face a new threat in the form of the monsters of Beast Island. Shadow Weaver and Hordak are certain that they are doomed. At that moment, the tyrosaur that She-Ra had healed earlier arrives to carry them away from the island. She-Ra thanks her new friend, the tyrosaur.
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