He Ain't Heavy
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Year: 1985
Production No: PP015


Shadow Weaver and Grizzlor burst into an old wizard's home at night, and steal the Moon Mirror from him. They imprison Catillus in an energy field, as Shadow Weaver takes the mirror to Hordak. He plans to use the Moon Mirror to bring Adora to the Fright Zone and into their clutches, but Shadow Weaver reveals that the Moon Mirror can only bridge the gap between dimensions. Hordak resolves that they can still lure Adora into a trap by bridging the gap between Etheria and Eternia and bringing her twin brother Prince Adam to the Fright Zone as bait. When the moons properly align, Adam is snatched from Eternia in the middle of a conversation with Teela and brought to the Fright Zone. Hordak magnetizes his sword and orders him sent to the dungeons. Hordak sends a message to Adora using a cube planted in a Spybot. Hordak's terms mean that Adora must surrender to the Horde as punishment of her defection to the Rebellion, or Adam will forever remain his prisoner. Adora leaves Bow in charge of the rebels, giving him the necessary task of meeting a supplier of goods for the Rebellion, much to his annoyance. Adora and Spirit transform into She-Ra and Swift Wind, and go to save Adam. The wizard, Catillus, arrives and tells Bow and Glimmer about the theft of the Moon Mirror, which provides the perfect excuse for Bow to go to help Adora save Adam. She-Ra and Swift Wind arrive at the Fright Zone, and She-Ra sneaks into its dungeons. Adam struggles to reach the Sword of Power, which is hung on the wall outside his cell. She-Ra arrives and tears the door off its hinges, allowing Adam to retrieve his sword, but before he can transform into He-Man, a group of Horde Troopers gives chase. Hordak plans to next use the Moon Mirror to capture King Randor of Eternia, but Shadow Weaver warns him that the moons are no longer in alignment, which poses a danger should the mirror be used. Bow and Catillus break into the Fright Zone, seeking to recover the Moon Mirror, as Adam and She-Ra find cover long enough to allow Adam to become He-Man. Bow and Catillus cross paths with She-Ra and He-Man, and they all head to the throne room to stop Hordak from attempting to use the mirror again. When Shadow Weaver attempts to use her magic to access the Moon Mirror, it bridges to the doom dimension, and begins sucking everything in the room which is not bolted down through the mirror, as it grows larger. Hordak escapes in his drill form, and when He-Man proposes plugging the mirror with something large She-Ra suggests that they use the monument of Hordak residing just outside the throne room. They lift the monument and throw it into the mirror, plugging it and causing it to explode. Adam returns to Eternia, and Adora thanks Bow for helping her save her brother.
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