Return of the Sea Hawk
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Year: 1985
Production No: PP016


A Horde prison ship arrives at the port of Seaworthy, where Catra orders the elves there to gather on the docks and await further instruction. Catra intends to use the elves as bait in a trap to capture Sea Hawk and Adora. When Grizzlor and Catra order the elves aboard the ship, they let one elf escape, knowing that he will inform Adora of the capture and draw her and Sea Hawk into the trap. Meanwhile, Adora is telling the Twiggets of Sea Hawk's bravery. When the story is over, Adora describes her dilemma to Madame Razz. Adora cares for Sea Hawk, but Sea Hawk seems to care for She-Ra more than Adora. Just then, the escaped Seaworthy elf arrives to tell Adora about Catra and Grizzlor's capture of his people. Madame Razz goes to find Sea Hawk and obtain his aid, as Adora transforms into She-Ra and goes to free the elves of Seaworthy. Catra is disappointed, but decides that she can still capture She-Ra and use her as bait to draw Adora out. She-Ra and Swift Wind land aboard the prison ship, but are electrocuted by the floor and captured. Madame Razz and Broom arrive at the Solar Sailor to tell Sea Hawk that She-Ra needs his help. He alters his ship's course and heads toward Catra's trap. The Horde Troopers are able to tether his ship using grappling hooks, but Sea Hawk manages to jump aboard the prison ship. He tricks the Horde Troopers into opening the door for him, and faces Catra in his quest to free She-Ra. Swen, Sea Hawk's first, uses the Solar Sailor's guns to blast the prison ship, jarring it and causing Catra to be knocked off balance long enough for him to use his energy sword to disrupt the force field trapping She-Ra. Swift Wind knocks Catra out of the way, and Sea Hawk goes to free the elves. She-Ra sends Grizzlor flying out of the ship by slamming into the ground, using the floor as a lever. The elves are brought aboard Sea Hawk's ship, and Sea Hawk and the others escape as She-Ra leaps from Swift Wind's back and falls through the Horde prison ship, tearing a hole in the ship and causing it to sink. Back at Seaworthy, Sea Hawk encounters Adora, and is glad to have another opportunity to spend time with her. He states that She-Ra is fun to fight alongside, but that he is actually smitten with Adora. Sea Hawk and Adora go for a stroll on the beach to get to know each other better, prompting Swen to ask Madame Razz to do the same, leaving Broom a little left out.
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