A Loss for Words
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Season: 1
Year: 1999
Production No: PP017


A group of peasants in Galebreth are planning to unite with the Great Rebellion against the Horde. Imp spies their sense of proud rebellion, and reports back to Hordak, who resolves to silence the voice of inspiration that persists in spreading the rebellion. Shadow Weaver reveals a plan to use her magic to steal the voices of the villagers and perhaps even Adora, as the leader of the rebellion and most alluring voice of inspiration. Adora is traveling with Bow and the Twiggets Sprint and Spragg to the village of Galebreth, as the peasants have requested that she speak to the other villagers and inspire them. Scorpia and a squad of Horde Troopers attack the rebels, and as Bow gets the Twiggets to safety, Adora transforms into She-Ra. She uses Scorpia's tail to swing her away, and soon after transforms back into Adora to rejoin Bow and the Twiggets on the journey. Adora arrives at Galebreth and has begun speaking to the villagers, when Shadow Weaver appears and casts her spell, robbing them of their voices and trapping each voice in a bubble, including Adora's. Without her voice, she cannot become She-Ra, and so she hides to avoid capture by Shadow Weaver. Bow and the Twiggets help the villagers escape, but Shadow Weaver takes the voices back to the Fright Zone. Adora and Bow travel alone to the Fright Zone to retrieve the voices. Hordak is disappointed, because he wanted more than just Adora's voice: he wanted to capture her person. Hordak asserts that he believes magic is unreliable compared to technology, and asserts his dominance over Shadow Weaver. Bow creates a diversion in Hordak's throne room by using an explosive arrow, while Adora sneaks to Hordak's throne and recovers the voice bubbles. She discovers that the voice bubbles are safely tucked away in a box, which happens to be Imp in a shape-shift form. Adora tricks Imp into changing from his box form, thus releasing the bubbles into the air. Adora finds her voice bubble and bursts it, regaining her voice and using it to transform into She-Ra. As Hordak attacks Bow, She-Ra ends his threat temporarily, by lodging him in the ground. Meanwhile Bow tricks Shadow Weaver into being drawn into a stasis field overhead. Hordak continues to change his form to an array of battle modes, from a spinning top to a tank and back again, and his prowess almost wins him victory, as he traps She-Ra in a reinforced steel box. However, Mantenna happens to notice that Hordak is standing atop the trap door, and seizing opportunity for revenge, Mantenna sends Hordak falling through the door, buying She-Ra and Bow enough time to escape. They travel back to Galebreth and restore the voices of the villagers, hopeful that those voices will unite in opposition to the Horde and join the Rebellion.
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