Horde Prime Takes a Holiday
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski; Bob Forward
Year: 1985
Director: Marsh Lamore
Production No: PP018


Horde Prime summons Hordak, and asks him to keep close watch over his flagship, the Velvet Glove, while he vacations on the planet Tropica. He reminds Hordak that he once possessed two such warships, but the other, the Monstron, was destroyed while likewise in Hordak's care. Hordak schemes to use the ship to conquer the rebels, and having accomplished that unfinished business, move on to conquer Eternia as well. The Sorceress watches these events, and summons Prince Adam to go to Etheria and ensure that Hordak is unsuccessful. Adam transforms into He-Man, just as Skeletor in Snake Mountain also learns of Hordak's plan. Skeletor wants Hordak to fail in his plan, not to spare Eternia, but rather to ensure its doom by stealing the ship and using it conquer both He-Man and Eternia. In the Whispering Woods, the villagers and rebels watch the sky darken with the ship's approach, prompting Adora to transform into She-Ra. Hordak fires the Velvet Glove's incredible freeze cannon at the Whispering Woods, but She-Ra uses the Sword of Protection as a shield to absorb the blast and slow the beam's approach to the ground. Hordak orders that even more power be directed to the cannon, greatly weakening She-Ra and bringing the beam closer to the ground. She-Ra struggles to prevent the beam from touching the ground. Thankfully, He-Man arrives to help her, and together, they hold the blast off long enough for Skeletor to infiltrate the ship and turn the beam off. Skeletor immediately declares his intention to seize the ship from Hordak, and a battle between them ensues. She-Ra and He-Man see this battle and realize that the ship is too powerful for either one of them to control, resolving thus to stop them both. He-Man hurls a magic unlimited grappling hook high into the Etherian atmosphere, and it catches on the ship. She-Ra climbs the rope to get to the ship, as the battle continues between Skeletor and Hordak. Skeletor gains the upper hand, seizes the navigational controls of the ship, and fires the thrusts of its engines, causing it to begin to fly forward. He-Man is dragged along the ground, tasked with trying to slow its progression and stop it, which he manages to achieve by digging his feet into a mountain and using it as leverage. Skeletor increases the thrust of the engines, causing He-Man to struggle valiantly to maintain his footing on the mountain. She-Ra seizes this opportunity to cut the rope with her sword, sending it crashing into an asteroid that passes at that very moment. Skeletor realizes that the impact has caused the fusion drive to become unstable, and it threatens to explode. He teleports back to Eternia, but She-Ra cannot allow Hordak to perish, so she saves him from the ship just seconds before it explodes. However, without a line to climb back down, they begin to fall to the ground below. She-Ra uses her sword as a shield to protect them from the heat and flames as they fall re-enter the atmosphere, and then uses it as a parachute to help them land safely. Hordak awakens and flees the scene, facing an even greater punishment than capture by the rebels: Horde Prime, who returns from a relaxing vacation to find his prized warship destroyed. Hordak is flung from the Fright Zone as a result of his failure, while the rebels laugh at the probable punishment Hordak must have received.
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