Enchanted Castle
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Year: 1985
Production No: PP019


At Mystacore, all the rebels have arrived to celebrate the victory of She-Ra freeing Mystacore from an evil sorceress. Unfamiliar with the story, Kowl asks Adora to tell him about the battle, and she proceeds to flashback to a time when Mystacore was ruled by an evil sorceress: Adora and Spirit are riding back to the Whispering Woods, when they see Rattlor and Tung Lashor harassing Bow, preparing to capture him. Adora transforms into She-Ra and saves Bow, by riding Swift Wind down to grab them and carrying them high up to a bird's nest nearby. Adora and Bow agree to ride together, for Adora's safety. They stumble upon an elderly woman who has fallen and injured herself. They help tend to her, and she offers them some advice as they continue their course. She tells them to be careful as the ride through the Dark Forest that lay ahead. When they arrive at the Dark Forest, a knight takes them prisoner and delivers them to a dark castle, where Mortella, dark mistress of the realm, greets them. She confiscates Adora's sword and orders them sent to a dungeon below. All seems lost until Adora looks out her window and sees the elderly woman they helped earlier entering the castle. The elderly woman presents Mortella with powerful potions and powders. Having delivered the supplies Mortella needed, the elderly woman uses magic to materialize outside the dungeon. She frees Adora and Bow and urges them to leave Mystacore as soon as possible. She uses her magic to transform Bow's deck of cards into a bridge across the bottomless ravine that protects the dungeon. They arrive at Mortella's throne room, where Adora retrieves the Sword of Protection. The elderly woman tells them that the flame that burns in the center of the room is the source of Mortella's power, and that as long as the flame burns, Mortella will possess great power. When the knights of the castle attack them, Adora finds cover and transforms into She-Ra, defeating them, as Bow discovers that they are not real, just manifestations of Mortella's evil magic. She-Ra uses her cunning to exploit the knights' incompetence to douse the fire, which defeats Mortella and causes her to vanish. The dousing of the flame also breaks the spell over the elderly woman, who transforms into Castaspella, the true queen of Mystacore. Adora finishes telling Kowl the story: Castaspella once free from Mortella's reign used her power to return the kingdom to its former glory, giving the people of Mystacore cause for mighty celebration of their freedom.
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