Three Courageous Hearts
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Year: 1985
Production No: PP020


At Mystacor's annual trickster competition, Kowl, Madame Razz, and Broom are contemplating joining the fun with their talents. However, a young woman overhears them talking and remarks that their powers are more humorous than serious, and that they could never really be effective in using their powers and abilities. Adora tries to reassure them, but decides that they need to overcome their own doubts and grow less discouraged. She becomes She-Ra and enters the competition, using her powers and agility to impress those in attendance. After She-Ra performs, the young woman whose words earlier had discouraged the others arrives and enters the competition. Using her magic she is able to put the rebels to sleep, only to reveal herself as Shadow Weaver. As She-Ra lay sleeping, Shadow Weaver banishes her to the Sixth Dimension, as the ground beneath her opens to cause her to fall. The other rebels remain under Shadow Weaver's spell, with Madame Razz, Broom, and Kowl the only ones who can save She-Ra. Sprittina the Twigget tells them of what happened, and is able to recall that Shadow Weaver made reference to a nameless glowing book of spells she used to conjure her magic. Remembering that Adora told them that true strength comes from within, the three courageous hearts set out to the Library in the Valley of the Lost to try to find the book and thereby a spell that Madame Razz can use to save She-Ra. Meanwhile, She-Ra awakens in a strange cavern and tries to find a way out. She is menaced by strange pink ghosts, but she is able to use a nearby waterfall to ward them off, as a mysterious stranger named Salistica watches her every move and plots against her. Salistica appears to She-Ra and tells her that she needs to pass to the third level, where she will receive the key that will open an iron door which will lead her out of the Sixth Dimension. At that very moment in the Valley of the Lost, after having overcome a few obstacles, Madame Razz, Broom, and Kowl locate the Library. Still in the Sixth Dimension She-Ra leaps amongst floating rocks, fends off strange monsters and arrives at the iron door; Salistica refuses to give her the key she needs in order to escape, and commands that she must stay. She-Ra vows to find a way out. Meanwhile, Broom has found the ancient book, and Madame Razz casts the proper spell to enter the Sixth Dimension, where they immediately locate She-Ra. She-Ra, Madame Razz, Broom, and Kowl use the book's magic to burst forth from the caverns through the opening in the ground where She-Ra was originally banished. Madame Razz is able to use her magic to wake the other rebels, while She-Ra scares off the Horde Troopers and Shadow Weaver. To close out the trickster competition, the prize is awarded to Madame Razz, Kowl, and Broom, three courageous hearts that saved not just She-Ra, but Mystacore as well.

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