"The Stone in the Sword"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Mike Chain
Year: 1985
Director: Marsh Lamore
Production No: PP021


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

Hordak is finalizing production of his latest weapon, the Doom Balloon. Shadow Weaver reports that a powerful storm is brewing, and this plays nicely into Hordak's plan to use the Doom Balloon to destroy the Whispering Woods. As the storm begins to mount, the Doom Balloon approaches the Whispering Woods, attracting the lightning from the storm, refocusing it as a beam, and setting fire to the Whispering Woods.

Meanwhile, the rebels have heard of the impending Horde attack on Whispering Woods. Glimmer uses her powers against the Doom Balloon, but they are redirected back at her. As Bow takes an injured Glimmer to safety, Adora transforms into She-Ra, and confronts the Doom Balloon atop a mountain ledge. She uses the Sword of Protection to deflect the energy back at the Doom Balloon, but the energy overpowers her and she falls to the ground below.

The Doom Balloon is destroyed by the feedback, and in his getaway, Hordak captures Bow. Kowl discovers Adora, not She-Ra, and they realize that the stone in her sword, the source of her power, is broken. Desperate to find a solution, Adora is determined to climb Skydancer Mountain to speak with Light Hope, hoping that he can provide an answer, and Kowl tags along.

As Adora reaches the top of the mountain, she enters the Crystal Castle, and Light Hope advises that she must seek the aid of the First Ones to repair her sword. To get to the underground kingdom of the First Ones, Adora braves a gauntlet of dangers. She glides on a shield down stairs as a spiked boulder closely clips at her heels. She avoids an impact at the bottom of the stairs, but faces the danger of a cave-in. She then faces a never-ending maze to get to the Rainbow Grotto, and journeying to the Forbidden Corner of the Rainbow Grotto she faces falling spikes. She finally arrives at the Cavern of Fire, where she encounters the First Ones.

They note that she has displayed bravery, wisdom, swiftness, agility, and has done it all to help a friend. The First Ones remind Adora that these are the qualities of She-Ra. prompting Adora to once again be able to transform into the Princess of Power. At the Fright Zone, Bow is freed by She-Ra, but not before Hordak's minions have tried to stop her. Hordak confronts his enemy, only to have her throw Giggleberry Powder in his face. As the rebels escape, the only thing Hordak can do is laugh uncontrollably.

Synopsis by Micahel Cravens

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