"The Crown of Knowledge"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Chris Weber
Year: 1985
Director: Marsh Lamore
Production No: PP023


 Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

Imp is spying on Adora and Bow as they attend the festivities at Thaymor's Harvest Festival. Bow is excitedly telling the children of the village about the legend of King Jared, who once learned all of the secrets and magic that the Whispering Woods had to offer. The legend tells of how King Jared fashioned a Crown of Knowledge, which was hidden away for anyone who dared brave its challenges to claim.

The crown would provide the wearer with great knowledge. Bow adds that Jared's crown is buried in a deep ancient fortress, but no one knows where. Kowl says that he has heard of its location, and professes that the crown can be found in the kingdom of Dark Edge. A young boy named Marcus has overheard the stories and plots to kidnaps Kowl, in order to use his knowledge of its location to obtain the Crown of Knowledge and become someone important.

As a crisis involving a stampeding beast presents itself, Adora becomes She-Ra, while Marcus kidnaps Kowl. Bow and the baker, Marcus's father, discover that Marcus and Kowl are both missing and determine that they must have gone to seek out the crown. Having watched all of these events, Imp goes to tell Hordak of the legendary Crown of Knowledge.

Hordak is quite intrigued by the legend, and decides to help Marcus pass the various tests he faces, so that when Marcus arrives at the crown, the Horde can swoop in and seize it. Marcus and Kowl arrive at the castle of King Jared in Darkedge, where they are first asked to answer a riddle. Marcus is clever, able to quickly answer the riddle, and both he and Kowl move forward into the castle.

She-Ra, Bow and Marcus's father, arrive at the castle and likewise face its riddle. She-Ra answers the riddle, and they venture forth. Hordak teleports the enchanted Cloak of Darkness to the castle, and Marcus immediately adorns himself in it. The cloak is able to sense the crown's magic and begins to pull him through the maze of doors. Marcus and Kowl arrive at the Crown of Knowledge, but Marcus is denied ownership of the crown.

The mysterious voice tells Marcus that he has sought power, not knowledge, and that his quest has been aided by outside forces. The voice continues that he can only seize the crown by confronting his fear, and Marcus has yet to face his greatest fear: moving forward alone. Hordak uses the cloak's magic to carry Marcus forward to the crown, but the spirit of King Jared which imbues the castle presents Hordak with his greatest fear: defeat.

Hordak's Cloak of Darkness falls from Marcus and explodes, causing the castle to begin to shake. Marcus loses his balance and begins to fall into the wide ravine now opened in the castle's floors. She-Ra has arrived at the chamber, and sees that Marcus is in danger, and she must likewise confront her greatest fear: failure, and the heavy cost that might result from her inability to keep fighting.

She braves her fear and saves Marcus, realizing that the crown would not let them fall, as it is not malevolent. Marcus says that he is content to be a baker now, and that he admires his father. He did find wisdom. The crown says that She-Ra's bravery has earned her the right to wear King Jared's crown. She politely declines, asserting that knowledge is for all to share, not just for one person. The crown gives her another crown instead as a gift.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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