"Small Problems"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Steven J. Fisher; Teleplay by Larry DeTillo
Year: 1985
Director: Ed Friedman
Production No: PP025


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

Mantenna has Bow and Kowl pinned down with Horde fire in a village. Glimmer uses a rope line to swing down and disrupt their blasts, bringing a water tower down and sending them fleeing in the process. Glimmer proceeds to brag to all the other rebels about her feats of courage, exaggerating about her talents and the events of the fight. Adora pulls her aside and tries to bring her back down to earth, but Glimmer gets angry and accuses Adora of being jealous of her abilities.

At that moment, Bow brings news that the rebel spy in Small Oak spotted the Horde working on a chemical weapon. Adora asks Glimmer to come with her to the village in order that they may continue their conversation, but when they arrive at the Horde outpost, Glimmer expresses overconfidence in her abilities and teleports into the outpost, only to be captured by Horde robots. However, Adora is there to save the day, transforming into She-Ra and destroying the robots.

Meanwhile, Hordak grows restless with the speed of Catra's progress in the development of the miniaturization formula, which he plans to use to shrink the rebels down to a manageable size. He decides to send Scorpia to oversee the project, much to Catra's dismay. Glimmer is telling She-Ra all about her heroic rescue of Bow and Kowl, when She-Ra interrupts her, telling her she's already heard the story. Glimmer doesn't understand how that could be possible, and comes close to realizing that She-Ra is Adora, when suddenly her train of thought wanders back to the fact that she abandoned Adora to enter the outpost.

She-Ra assures her that Adora has been taken to safety, and they go to confront Catra, who douses them in the formula they've been developing. They turn blue from the formula, and decide to escape to wash the formula off. They enlist the help of Hose Nose, who helps them wash off, but soon Glimmer, She-Ra, and Swift Wind experience the delayed effect of the formula, which shrinks them. She-Ra saves Glimmer from a frog creature, but since Swift Wind cannot carry both Glimmer and She-Ra at his diminished size, they decide to walk to the rebel camp in order to find help.

When a bird snatches Glimmer, She-Ra climbs on Swifty's back and goes to retrieve her, and in the process, both begin to fall. However, they land in Bow's hand, who is surprised to see them. Bow disguises as a Horde inspector to get them into the outpost and find an antidote for the miniaturization formula. He complements Scorpia as she arrives, and she unintentionally helps him in entering the outpost. Bow learns from the scientist who developed the formula that the growing serum has already been developed, and so he shuffles the scientist out of the room and restores Glimmer, Swift Wind, and She-Ra to normal size.

Catra and Scorpia soon learn of Bow's deception and order the Horde Troopers to open fire on them, but as they bicker, She-Ra pulls down the ledge they are standing on, and the Horde Troopers fall into a vat of the formula, while Catra and Scorpia flee. Bow destroys the lab, and they all head home, Glimmer having learned a lesson about her ego.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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