"Book Burning"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Leslie Wilson; Teleplay by Francis Moss
Year: 1985
Director: Ernie Schmidt
Production No: PP026


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

Adora and Bow have come to visit the school in the village of Northland, in order to tell the children about the Great Rebellion and its fight for freedom against the oppressive and evil Horde. A young boy named Cory resists the truth, defending the Horde and their account of the truth.

At that moment, Leech and Mantenna arrive to provide official Horde textbooks from which the teacher is ordered to conduct lessons, while the other books in the village will be gathered and burned. Corey tells Mantenna and Leech that Bow and Adora are trying to escape from the village, which leads to a scuffle, Adora and Bow cleverly winning. Hordak arrives at the village to personally collect all the books in order to stop the spread of Horde "lies."

To ensure that the children get an "accurate" picture of the Horde, Hordak appoints Tung Lashor as the village teacher and Rattlor as the collector of books. Corey is excited about the presence of the Horde, which causes Hordak to make him a Horde spy. Serena, the real teacher, is giving the children the actual truth in lessons after school, but when Corey overhears this, he does the duty of a loyal spy and reports them. Serena is jailed for her crime, which prompts Adora to become She-Ra in order to free her from the jail.

Serena escapes as the Horde Troopers chase after her, but She-Ra is too late to prevent the book burning, which has already begun. Tung Lashor tries to teach the children that the Rebellion is evil, but the schoolchildren unite and adopt a spirit of youthful rebellion themselves. They escape and tell Adora about the lies that they are being taught, and Adora promises that the rebels will come to the village and ensure that the truth is not silenced.

Corey continues to be a faithful spy, reporting back what he learns. Horde Troopers begin rounding up the village children, including Corey's sister. This forces Corey to face the awful truth that he has been used by the Horde, duped into helping them with lies and deceit. He joins up with Serena and together they plan to warn the rebels against coming to the village to lecture, as an ambush awaits them. Bow and Adora are both captured in the midst of these events.

Hordak plans to force the captured children to accept the Horde as their rightful leaders. Corey uses his position of trust to the advantage of the rebels, by obtaining Adora's sword and cutting her free of her chains. Adora sends Corey back to be with his family, as she transforms into She-Ra, and immediately frees the children and Bow from the Horde transport.

Hordak threatens to burn the entire village to the ground if She-Ra and the children do not surrender to him, and begins to set fire to the village. She-Ra uses the Sword of Protection to cut loose the ground around a nearby lake. She then lifts the entire lake and the rock which contains it.

She-Ra uses the water to douse the flames and the Horde Troopers. As the Horde Troopers short-circuit and rust, she uses Tung Lashor's tongue to bind him and forces Hordak to flee from the village. Serena greets Corey as a hero as the other children accept Corey as a friend.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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