"A Talent for Trouble"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Larry DiTillio
Year: 1985
Director: Mark Glamack
Production No: PP033


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

On Eternia, Orko is helping the Sorceress with spring-cleaning at Castle Grayskull. Orko's sweeping stirs up dust, which causes a magic skull doorknocker to sneeze, sending him spiraling through a dimensional gate and onto Etheria. As he arrives, Madame Razz crashes into him while riding Broom. They are attacked by Mantenna, and ultimately frozen in solid blocks. Broom manages to escape, and when Adora sees him fleeing, she transforms into She-Ra to find out the problem. Broom informs She-Ra that Madame Razz and a creature called Orko have been abducted, She-Ra proceeding to contact the Sorceress about Orko. The Sorceress quickly sends He-Man to assist in rescuing Orko and Madame Razz. Meanwhile, at the Fright Zone, Hordak and Shadow Weaver are attempting to understand the biological structure of Orko to determine precisely what he is. Hordak especially wants to know Orko's secrets, and when Shadow Weaver's magic fails to provide answers, he attempts to use Horde science via his Mind-Sweeper device.

The Mind-Sweeper can only conclude that Orko is weird, and subsequently sputters and explodes. Hordak realizes that Horde Prime might delight in experimenting on Orko, and plans to send him to Horde World. She-Ra and He-Man arrive at the Fright Zone, and quickly confront a squadron of Batmeks dispatched by Catra. They burst into the Fright Zone and overcome attacks by Grizzlor, Leech, and Catra. He-Man and She-Ra free Madame Razz, but Orko has already been taken to the spaceport. Using her magic, Madame Razz is able to send them to the port, but Hordak awaits them there, and the rocket has already been launched. He-Man, aided by She-Ra, leaps and grabs onto the rocket, as She-Ra fends off Shadow Weaver's magic and Hordak's Mantisaur.

She-Ra tosses Hordak into the moat surrounding the Fright Zone, and He-Man is able to divert the rocket downward. He-Man and Orko bail out of the rocket, and She-Ra cushions their fall with a Horde hay transport. He-Man introduces She-Ra to Orko, and Orko is immediately smitten by She-Ra, especially when she gives him a kiss.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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