"The Anxious Apprentice"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Carol Baxter
Year: 1985
Director: Mark Glamack
Production No: PP037


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

In Mystacore, Castaspella's apprentice Ariel is practicing her magic. She asks Castaspella for a chance to use the Book of Spells, but to allow such power to enter the hands of one so inexperienced at wielding it would be dangerous, causing Castaspella to refuse. But Ariel intends to prove that she is ready to use the book, and steals it using her magic. Upon discovering that both Ariel and the Book of Spells are missing, Castaspella grows worried. She recalls that Ariel loved walking along the banks of the stream that runs through Mystacore Forest, and so Adora goes off to find her.

Meanwhile, Ariel attempts to use the book to create a small dam in the river in order to form a birdbath, but one of the boulders falls and strikes the others, creating a spark, which starts a fire. Seeing this, Adora transforms into She-Ra and rolls up the turf, smothering the fire and then unrolls it back into place.

As Ariel continues to practice her magic, Scorpia spies Ariel casting a spell which transforms a sandcastle into solid gold, and sees the potential of the Book of Spells. Scorpia and her Horde Troopers attempt to retrieve the book, but they are slowed down by a few spells cast by Ariel, one of which temporarily shrinks the Horde Tank in which Scorpia is riding. These spells wear off, though, and Scorpia takes advantage of Ariel's inexperience and captures her, just as She-Ra arrives.

She-Ra disposes of Scorpia by grabbing her tail and swinging her into the Troopers, and rescues Ariel. They head back to Mystacore, believing that the Book of Spells is safely in Ariel's knapsack. Upon closer inspection, they realize that the book must have fallen out of the bag, and that Scorpia must have retrieved the book. Scorpia plans to go to the Forbidden Zone and release all the evil in Mystacore. At first, Scorpia is unable to release the evil, but when she throws the Book of Spells to the ground, the ground splits and fire erupts, as well as molten lava, which hardens into pillars.

She-Ra, Castaspella, and Ariel arrive at the Forbidden Zone, and She-Ra rescues Scorpia from the flames. The threat has not ended, as She-Ra has to repair the damage done by pulling the earth back together and forever trapping the evil beneath. She climbs aboard Swift Wind, and together they thread rope between and amongst the pillars of molten lava, and pull them tight, stitching the cracks shut and saving the day. Ariel uses her magic to transport Scorpia away from the Forbidden Zone, and together, Castaspella and Ariel use their magic to blanket the scorched landscape with flowers.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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