"Glimmer's Story"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Don Heckman
Year: 1985
Director: Ed Friedman
Production No: PP041


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

Bow is testing an air glider which the rebels hope to use to repel Hordak's air attacks, when he and Adora learn that Prince Highcliff of Blue Mountain is coming to Bright Moon, to consult with the Great Rebellion. Unfortunately, Prince Highcliff is captured by the Horde on his way to Bright Moon, and Hordak hatches an evil scheme to plant a spy within the walls of Bright Moon.

Hordak sends for False Face, who uses his disguise magic to assume the appearance of Price Highcliff. Hordak informs False Face that he will spy on the rebels and find a vulnerability that the Horde can exploit to defeat the rebels once and for all. Glimmer is very anxious to meet Prince Highcliff, a man of great renown. She wants to make a great first impression, so she asks Madame Razz to dye her hair dark purple.

Meanwhile, Imp is using his shape-shifting powers to wreak havoc, by sealing the floodgates and causing Castle Bright Moon to submerge in water. Adora transforms into She-Ra and swims to the floodgates, throwing them open and then digging a trench enabling the waters to subside. A defeated Imp persists, by starting a fire outside the castle. She-Ra and Swift Wind are able to douse the flames, but "Prince Highcliff" has arrived and plans to use Glimmer to aid the Horde by tricking her into revealing the secrets of Castle Bright Moon's defenses. S

he tells him of the Moonstone, which energizes and protects the castle. Upon hearing this "Highcliff" uses his cape to kidnap Glimmer and infiltrate the control room, stealing the Moonstone, leaving the castle weakened. Adora has begun to have suspicions about the Prince, but at that moment, Hordak prepares an all-out assault on Castle Bright Moon. Meanwhile False Face has taken Glimmer back to the Fright Zone as a prisoner, and when he prepares to imprison her with the real Prince Highcliff, she overpowers him and recovers the Moonstone.

Glimmer and Prince Highcliff double back to the Castle, hoping to restore its energies before the Horde overpower the rebels. She-Ra appears as the air assault begins, and fights back Hordak's forces. On their way back from the Fright Zone Glimmer and Highcliff are pursued, but Bow has since mastered the air glider and is able to help them escape to the castle. When Glimmer arrives with the Moonstone, Queen Angella tells her that the Moonstone is an ancient gift to their family, and once it is removed, it can only be put back in place by the next generation.

Uncertain that Castle Bright Moon can withstand anymore attacks while the Moonstone is restored, She-Ra calls upon the power of the Crystal Castle to shield Castle Bright Moon from the assaults. At that very moment Queen Angella and Glimmer unite to restore the Moonstone to its position, saving the castle and sending the Horde fleeing in defeat. Glimmer decides that Prince Highcliff will just have to accept her as she is, and decides to change her hair back to its natural color, much to the Prince's delight.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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