"Enemy With My Face"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Year: 1985
Director: Richard Trueblood
Production No: PP042


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

A group of Horde tanks are barreling through the Whispering Woods, when She-Ra steps in and stops their progress. At the Fright Zone, Hordak chides Modulok for his failure in developing a weapon capable of defeating She-Ra. Hordak consults a Horde computer for battle strategy, and the computer advises Hordak to fight She-Ra with someone who is as strong as her. This is not a stunning revelation for Hordak, but it gives Shadow Weaver an insidious idea. She conjures a Melog from the sludge surrounding the Fright Zone.

The Melog can absorb She-Ra's powers and stand as an equal to She-Ra in strength. Hordak cannot wait to test the Melog's abilities, and dispatches a squad of Horde Tanks to the Whispering Woods. Adora sees this threat approaching, and becomes She-Ra. She slices into the tank, revealing the Melog, who grabs her and absorbs her strength and powers, in the process assuming a female form.

The Melog gains She-Ra's strength, which she demonstrates by hurling a tank at She-Ra. Thereafter, She-Ra and the Melog engage in a tug-of-war, which demonstrates to She-Ra that she has been matched. At that moment, Shadow Weaver and the Melog vanish, leaving She-Ra doubting her abilities. She consults with Light Hope, who tells her of the Melog's power to absorb and mimic the abilities of any she touches. Light Hope also provides her with some words of reassurance, telling her that the sword she wields only magnifies what is in She-Ra's heart, and hints that the key to defeating the Melog is to touch her heart.

As the Horde Troopers collect their taxes, She-Ra and Bow intervene to stop their march. Shadow Weaver appears once again and reveals the Melog, who had been disguised as a Horde Trooper all along. While Bow gets the villagers to safety, She-Ra contends with the Melog, who hurls everything including the kitchen sink at She-Ra. When the Melog opens a ravine in the ground, She-Ra seals it; when the Melog hurls rocks, She-Ra destroys them.

The battle is a round of point-counterpoint, until She-Ra appears to win by uprooting a hollow pillar and hurling it to trap the Melog. Unbeknownst to She-Ra, however, a young girl has hidden in a barrel, admiring She-Ra's strength and bravery. Shadow Weaver acts quickly, summoning great winds to pull She-Ra into a Horde force beam, trapping her. The winds cause the barrel in which the girl is hiding to begin to roll, and when She-Ra realizes the danger, she tosses her sword to stop its path.

The Melog approaches the girl, as She-Ra remembers Light Hope's words, and at that moment, she realizes that the Melog does not merely possess her physical strength, but her emotional strength as well. The Melog has She-Ra's feelings. She asks the Melog to feel, to think, to try to care about the girl, and indeed, all of Etheria.

The Melog picks up She-Ra's Sword of Protection, and tosses it to her, allowing She-Ra to escape as Shadow Weaver flees. She-Ra uses the sword's power through her magic words to turn the Melog into a real human woman, who plans to explore and learn about her world. She-Ra respects this need to explore, but asks the girl to return one day and join the Great Rebellion in fighting the Horde.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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