"Welcome Back, Kowl"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Philip Kassel
Year: 1985
Director: Bill Reed
Production No: PP043


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

As Kowl naps on a tree branch, he is awakened by the approach of Horde tanks, which chase him and attempt to capture him. Hordak and Tung Lashor emerge from the tanks, planning to use them in a test in an attack on a nearby village. Kowl overhears their plan, and flies to tell Adora, but Hordak spies him and orders Imp to stop him. He escapes, however, and tells the rebels of the impending attack. Adora, Bow, and the Twiggets arrive at a mill in the village, using it as a staging ground to prepare for the Horde attacks.

Madame Razz plans to turn the ground into glue, stopping the tanks in their tracks. As the others make preparations, Madame Razz contacts Kowl using her magic, and asks to meet him in the seclusion of the forest. While Kowl is away, Imp places Horde coins in his bed, hoping that the rebels suspect Kowl of being a spy for the Horde. Madame Razz tells Kowl that she believes she has outlived her usefulness, but Kowl reassures her of her value. The next morning the Horde ambush the rebels and Madame Razz forgets the spell she needs.

As Tung Lashor captures her in his tongue, Adora transforms into She-Ra. Together with Bow, she stops the tanks, forcing Shadow Weaver to transport the tanks away to safety. After the Horde have left with Madame Razz, the rebels fear that they may have a spy in their ranks, and the attention focuses on Kowl, who was unaccounted for the previous evening. Adora refuses to believe that Kowl could be a spy, as she realizes that Kowl is missing.

The rebels determine that Kowl has left to save Madame Razz, who has been trapped in a shadow spell by Shadow Weaver. She-Ra arrives to help Kowl free her, assuring Kowl that she trusts him. They enter a secret entrance, but face an array of lasers, which only Kowl can maneuver past and disable. As they arrive at Hordak's throne room, She-Ra overhears Imp's great satisfaction over Kowl's misfortune. Moving to the interrogation room, they find Madame Razz, just as Shadow Weaver appears. She-Ra destroys her magic crystal, freeing Madame Razz from the spell. Madame Razz is then able to use her magic to bind Shadow Weaver in chains.

As Broom and Swift Wind arrive at the Fright Zone to carry them to safety, they notice that Kowl has seized an opportunity to grab Imp by the ears and drop him in a gush fruit as retaliation. When they arrive back at the rebel camp, Madame Razz explains Kowl's whereabouts the night before, and vouches for his loyalty. The rebels apologize for not trusting Kowl, and assure Madame Razz that she is indeed valued.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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