"For Want of a Horse"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Bob Forward
Year: 1985
Director: Mark Glamack
Production No: PP049


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

Hordak greets his minions at the Fright Zone, having returned from a meeting with Horde Prime. At the meeting Horde Prime reminded Hordak that his birthday approaches, and that he expects an extraordinary gift. This presents Hordak with a dilemma as to what present he could possibly give to Horde Prime, the intergalactic leader of the Horde Empire who has two of everything. Grizzlor suggests giving Horde Prime a pair of ties, one for each of Horde Prime's heads, which Hordak readily dismisses. Shadow Weaver proposes that Hordak give Horde Prime the most unique gift possible: She-Ra's steed, Swift Wind.

This gift would have a peripheral benefit to Hordak, in stripping She-Ra of her greatest ally. Hordak orders Shadow Weaver to achieve this end. Shadow Weaver assumes the disguise of a peasant girl for her plan. Meanwhile, She-Ra and Bow are patrolling Etheria atop Swift Wind, when She-Ra spots a hole in a dam, which unbeknownst to her was created by the Horde Troopers. She instructs Bow to keep watch over Swift Wind, and he does so reluctantly, until he sees the peasant girl played by Shadow Weaver being chased by Horde Troopers.

When Bow goes to help her, the Horde Troopers are able to freeze Swift Wind and kidnap him. When Shadow Weaver reveals herself and attempts to capture Bow, She-Ra arrives to save him. As Shadow Weaver escapes, they realize that Swift Wind has been kidnapped. She-Ra resolves to go rescue Swift Wind, and Bow wants to help, feeling responsible for failing to watch over the steed carefully. At the Fright Zone, Hordak has attached a power drainer around Swift Wind's neck.

Hordak orders the Fright Zone on heightened security until Swift Wind is securely delivered to Horde Prime. Hordak attempts to break Swift Wind's confidence by telling him that Horde Prime will lock him away in the darkest dungeon because he hates anything that flies; Swift Wind will never see She-Ra again, and the thought of this brings him to tears. She-Ra parts from Bow, planning to swim into the Fright Zone following the river that runs under Hordak's throne room. Under the throne room, she briefly encounters Mantenna, who has again been sent through Hordak's trap door.

She-Ra saves him from nearly drowning, and goes forward to save Swift Wind. Bow distracts Hordak's attention, drawing the fire of the Horde Troopers, as She-Ra arrives and frees Swift Wind. She-Ra, Bow, and Swift Wind all escape the Fright Zone, leaving Hordak without a present for Horde Prime. On Horde World Horde Prime opens his gift and finds two ties from Hordak. He immediately uses his power to catapult Hordak from his throne, down the trap door, and into the river below, as Mantenna smiles to himself knowing that Horde Prime would not like the gift.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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