"The Light of the Crystal"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Michael Utvich
Year: 1985
Director: Tom Sito
Production No: PP054


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

In the kingdom of Elfworld, Catra and her Horde Troopers have taken over the castle. The Troopers hold King Varn prisoner while his son, Prince Storm, bolts from the robots. Catra plans to use the elves of Elfworld as slaves tasked with mining the Crystal Mines. The Horde Troopers chase after Storm, but he is saved by a falling rock, which soon reveals itself to be Facet, one of the Rock People and a friend of the Great Rebellion.

At the Whispering Woods, Bow is drawn into a heated conversation with a tree which mocks him, only to learn that the "tree" is actually Prince Arkion of Argon. He reveals that he can throw his voice, a talent honed with much practice. Adora and Glimmer press for more personal information about Arkion. He admits that he is the son of King Seymour, but says he and his father do not agree much. Arkion seeks adventure and good times. Facet leads Storm to the rebels, and they agree to go to Elfworld to save Storm's people.

Adora finds privacy and transforms into She-Ra. The Horde is exploiting the Crystal Mountains, and as She-Ra and the rebels arrive, Catra orders Scorpia and Horde Troopers to capture the rebels. As She-Ra bursts into the stronghold on Crystal Mountain, Catra traps her and Swift Wind in a crystal prison, as the Horde Troopers quickly surround the other rebels. Scorpia has captured Bow, Glimmer, Prince Arkion and Storm, and carries them away to the Crystal Mines. At that moment, Granita of the Rock People bursts into the stronghold, smashing the crystal cage and helping to free the rebels and the elves from their fate as slaves in the mines.

At the mines, Stonedar of the Rock People arrives to help Bow and Glimmer to save Prince Arkion and Storm from Scorpia's clutches. Stonedar causes a cave-in that allows the others to escape, but Scorpia pursues Prince Arkion, who quickly flees the field of battle. When She-Ra arrives, she approaches him, and urges him to accept his responsibilities and face his fears, asking him to return to the mine and help the others. At the mines, the Horde Troopers capture Storm, but Prince Arkion arrives and uses his ventriloquism to trick the Horde Troopers, allowing Storm to escape.

As Catra's ship arrives, She-Ra bursts into it and Prince Arkion uses his magic scepter to cast Mantenna and Catra out of the ship. She-Ra subsequently destroys the ship, the Horde Destructo Tanks and dismantles the entire Horde mining operation. The rebels win the day, and Elfworld is freed from the Horde. King Varn is grateful to the rebels and the Rock People, and Prince Arkion is likewise grateful to She-Ra, having learned a valuable lesson about responsibility. He decides to return to his kingdom and assume his responsibilities as Prince.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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