"Loo-Kee Lends a Hand"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Robert Lamb
Year: 1985
Director: Mark Glamack
Production No: PP055


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

At the edge of the Whispering Woods, Hordak and his Horde Troopers block the entrance to the Whispering Woods, confronting the rebels and demanding that the slaves they recently freed be relinquished back into his custody. Frosta uses her ice powers to stop the Horde Troopers and slows down Hordak, who assumes a tank form. She-Ra tosses Hordak away from the Whispering Woods, permitting the slaves to pass freely into the protection of the Whispering Woods.

At the rebel camp, Glimmer is tasked with providing food for the people, but their supplies are growing thin, so she needs to gather some more supplies. Meanwhile, back at the Fright Zone, Hordak has received a new package from Horde World, which turns out to be the rare element called Parfax. It is the only thing that Hordak needs to activate his stop-time device, which will cause the rebels to become frozen in time. In order for it to affect only the rebels, Hordak needs to deliver the device into the Whispering Woods, so he plans to trick the rebels into carrying it into their midst for him.

As Glimmer gathers supplies from the market, Shadow Weaver uses a disguise to get close enough to her cart, so she can place the device on the cart. When Glimmer arrives back at the rebel camp, she discovers the device, but it explodes in a burst of energy, freezing time within the Whispering Woods and causing an eerie stillness. Loo-Kee has awakened and tries to find a hiding place, but he sees that things in the Whispering Woods are too calm.

He goes to the rebel camp to check up on his friends only to discover that they are all frozen. Just as he decides to find Adora, he is summoned, via a portal, to the Crystal Castle by Light Hope. Light Hope reveals that the time freeze is having a weakening effect on him, and that Loo-Kee should go to Eternia to retrieve Prince Adam. He reveals that Adam and Adora are really He-Man and She-Ra, and shows Loo-Kee that Adora and Spirit have been frozen in time like the others.

Loo-Kee leaps through the portal, and rockets out the other side on Eternia, immediately crashing into Skeletor, knocking the villain's head into the viewscreen. Loo-Kee soon realizes that the portal has opened up in Snake Mountain. Skeletor is oblivious to Loo-Kee' s presence, charging that Beast Man must have used one of his beasties to have a little fun, and strikes Beast Man with an energy bolt. Skeletor reveals a plan to open a portal to the Royal Palace, where he might overcome King Randor and assume the throne. The portal can only be used by one individual, and as it opens, Loo-Kee seizes the moment, escaping to the palace as Skeletor is foiled.

Adam, Cringer, and Orko are awakened by the bright light from the portal, and Loo-Kee tells them what happened to Adora and the rebels. Adam, Orko, and Loo-Kee go to Castle Grayskull to consult the Sorceress, who tells them that as beings of magic, Orko and Loo-Kee will be unaffected by the time-stop device, and that He-Man will be protected through the Sword of Power. Adam transforms into He-Man and the Sorceress sends them all to Etheria. He-Man crosses swords with Adora, and says the words of power, which release her from the effects.

She transforms into She-Ra, and they both join forces to physically pull the time-stop device, which has been frozen in mid-air. It is a difficult almost impossible task, but they manage to pull it out of the Whispering Woods, causing a great disturbance, which rattles the Fright Zone and stirs great winds. He-Man and She-Ra pry the device open and use their swords to destroy the Parfax, which powers it, causing time to go back to normal. She-Ra kicks the broken and battered device back to Hordak at the Fright Zone, and when Mantenna tries to fix it, he causes time to turn inside out at the Fright Zone, once again confounding Hordak.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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