"Anchors Aloft Part 2"
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Bob Forward
Year: 1985
Director: Bob Arkwright
Production No: PP060


Original Airdate: ?/?/1985

Admiral Scurvy is gloating his victory in capturing Adora, leader of the Great Rebellion, and in defeating Sea Hawk. Scurvy believes that Sea Hawk is dead, and takes Adora back to Hordak while the crew remain chained and helpless, awaiting transport aboard the Horde prison ship. At that moment, a cloaked stranger appears. He immediately sets about fighting the Horde Troopers. In the midst of the battle, Swen appears to recognize the stranger from the weapons he uses.

After the battle is won with the aid of the Falcon's arsenal, the stranger pulls back his cloak and reveals himself to be the Sea Hawk. Sea Hawk wants his crew, particularly Swen, to convert the old ship he discovered in the lagoon for solar flight. Meanwhile, as Adora mourns the death of Sea Hawk, Scurvy learns of the battle on the island, which causes Adora to believe that the man who defeated the Horde Troopers was Sea Hawk, and she continues to pray that her belief is true.

Admiral Scurvy turns his ship back toward the island to deal with the strange menace, and put his own mind at rest. As Sea Hawk and the crew prepare to depart, Sea Hawk asks his father, the Falcon, to join them in their battle. The Falcon reveals that the enchanted air on the island prolongs his life, and that beyond its shores, his life would be short-lived. He passes on his legacy to Sea Hawk and hopes that Sea Hawk will make his own legend one day. Sea Hawk promises to preserve the Falcon's legend as well. Sea Hawk takes his father's weapons and prepares the new Solar Clipper for take-off.

At that moment, Admiral Scurvy's ship arrives, and when Scurvy spots the Solar Clipper, he orders it to be destroyed. Adora resolves to escape and help Sea Hawk defeat Scurvy. When the Solar Clipper's stun cannons hit the Dreadnought, the force of the explosion causes Adora's Sword of Protection to fall from the wall where it had been hanging. Using her ingenuity, she uses her boot to knock it closer and her belt to retrieve it. Adora seizes the sword, holds it aloft, and transforms into She-Ra. Sea Hawk and Davy Jones disembark from the Solar Clipper and attempt to save Adora when She-Ra arrives. Sea Hawk goes to battle Admiral Scurvy while She-Ra stops the stun cannons from firing on the Solar Clipper. She destroys his cannons, but Admiral Scurvy is able to stun her by firing at her with his eye-laser.

Swift Wind rushes to tell Sea Hawk that She-Ra has been injured. Admiral Scurvy attempts to distract Sea Hawk by tossing a bar of gold into the water, but Sea Hawk resists, stating that some things are more important than gold, thus foiling Admiral Scurvy. Sea Hawk goes to rescue Adora, prompting She-Ra to be in position when he does. Sea Hawk arrives to free Adora, and they share a kiss. However, Sea Hawk still retains a bit of his roguish nature, as he has dispatched Swen to recover the bar of gold Scurvy dropped in the battle. Sea Hawk is still noble, but as he states, he is not stupid.

Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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