Darksmoke and Fire
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Year: 1985
Director: Ernie Schmidt
Production No: PP061


At the Fright Zone, Modulok has completed work on his latest device, which Hordak hopes to use to forever rid himself of Adora, leader of the Great Rebellion. The device is a rocket, which is capable of following Adora as she enters a dimensional gate in a visit to Eternia. Inside the void between dimensions, the rocket will explode, causing the gate to be thrown off balance sending Adora to someplace else.

Adora is preparing for a visit with her parents and Adam on Eternia, so she asks Light Hope to open a portal, but as she enters, the rocket is launched, and it explodes inside the gate, causing Adora to spin out of control and throwing her to the ground on Eternia. However, as she travels to the Royal Palace, she sees that it is missing. At that moment, a group of villagers are chasing another man, named Tarvan, whom they charge with being a "dragon lover." Adora transforms into She-Ra to save Tarvan, but he falls to the ground and is knocked out. She-Ra demonstrates her powers to the villagers, scaring them away. As She-Ra tends to the wounded man, a dragon named Bright Star appears in the sky above her and uses its fire-breathing abilities to try to scare her away. In the midst of She-Ra's battle with the dragon, Tarvan awakens, and convinces the dragon that he is in no danger from She-Ra, and that she had helped save him from the other villagers.

The dragon is embarrassed that he engaged her in battle, but She-Ra accepts his apologies and together these three return to Dragon Valley, where Tarvan introduces She-Ra to the leader of the dragons; Granamyr. She-Ra recognizes the great dragon, revealing that although they have never met before, Adam, Man-at-Arms, and Orko have told her stories about him. However, Granamyr has no knowledge of She-Ra or any of her friends. He peers into her mind and finds the answer: She-Ra has ended up on Eternia, but it is the Eternia of one thousand years past.

She-Ra is saddened by the knowledge that even Granamyr's magic is not strong enough to send her home. Meanwhile, Nazgul, a village sorcerer, reveals his plan to steal all of the dragons' magic and use it to power his magic crystal so he might conquer Eternia. Toward this end, he incites violence between the humans and the dragons, convincing the villagers that dragons destroyed their supply of grain, when in truth Nazgul destroyed it using his fire magic. She-Ra speaks briefly with Tarvan, who is revealed as the King of the realm, concerning her desperation to return home, when a villager arrives to tell them that the humans have begun their assault on Darksmoke. They launch a substance at the dragons, which upon contact allows Nazgul to siphon their magic. She-Ra and King Tarvan confront Nazgul, but he threatens to unleash the dragon's powers against them, in the form of a magic fireball. Slotty, Nazgul's pet accidentally reveals to the villagers that Nazgul burned the grain, buying She-Ra the distraction she needs to destroy the crystal, and allowing her to use her strength to create winds, which douse the fireball. As Nazgul escapes, the villagers realize the error of their ways and apologize for their prejudices. To promote peace between human and dragon, Granamyr invites them to share in the bounty of Dragon Valley.

She-Ra, still needing to find a way home, listens as Granamyr proposes that if he were to unite his magic with the magic contained in the Sword of Protection it would allow them to create a portal to carry her home to her own time and planet. The magic works successfully, and along the way She-Ra swings by the Fright Zone and steals the plans to Modulok's rocket, thwarting the Horde.
Synopsis by Michael Cravens

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