Flowers for Hordak
Synopsis and Review
Cartoon Series: She-Ra Princess of Power 1985-87
Producer: Filmation
Season: 1
Writer: Bob Forward
Year: 1985
Director: Richard Trueblood
Production No: PP063


At the Fright Zone Shadow Weaver has presented the Black Ruby to Hordak, which was discovered by a group of Horde Troopers. The Black Ruby is a powerful weapon that can increase her shadow powers; she plans to use it to darken the sun over the Whispering Woods. This will cause the magic plants and trees to wither and die, and leave the rebels without cover to protect them from a Horde assault. Hordak gladly assents to the plan, because of his complete and utter hate of beautiful things, but they each recognize that there is only one potential problem with their plan: the rebel Perfuma. Perfuma can make flowers grow even in darkness, so Hordak plans her capture. 

Meanwhile, Adora, Bow, and Mermista are at the Crystal Falls, as Perfuma decorates with flowers around the falls. This is the moment that the Horde strike force attacks, and also the moment that Adora goes to find cover to transform into She-Ra. 

As the Horde Troopers distract Bow and She-Ra, Perfuma is abducted and carried back to the Fright Zone. Hordak orders her placed in the deepest, darkest dungeon the Fright Zone has to offer, and Shadow Weaver casts the spell, which darkens the sun over the Whispering Woods.

She-Ra consults with Light Hope, who tells her about the Black Ruby and its power. To She-Ra's dismay Light Hope instructs her to do nothing to save Perfuma, which his magic tells him is the best course. 

Without sunlight the trees in the Whispering Woods begin to whither and wilt. Glimmer attempts to use her light powers as a temporary solution in order to prolong the life of the trees, but it is very exhausting. 

Perfuma, meanwhile, is using her powers to brighten her dungeon cell with lots of colorful flowers. She is also entertaining the Horde Troopers, dancing with them, and just generally being an annoyance to Hordak. 

Glimmer's power is exhausted, because she can only light the Woods for an hour each day. Hordak offers to free Perfuma if She-Ra surrenders. She-Ra remembers Light Hope's instruction, and refuses to accept the offer. 

Back in the Fright Zone, Perfuma's influence continues to cover Hordak's throne room with flowers, as Perfuma leads the Horde Troopers in a conga line right under Hordak's nose. Out of frustration, Hordak then offers that the rebels that he will free Perfuma only if She-Ra will come get her. 

As She-Ra heads to the Fright Zone to accept this offer, a contingent of Horde Troopers threatens attack, but Hordak orders them to stand down. Hordak delivers Perfuma to She-Ra, but Perfuma doesn't want to go, because she's having too much fun. She-Ra takes advantage of the situation by negotiating with Hordak, and he agrees to remove the spell of darkness, hand over the Black Ruby, and provide three months of supplies to the rebels, but only if She-Ra takes Perfuma as far away as possible. She-Ra and Perfuma head back to the Whispering Woods, three months of supplies in tow.

Synopsis by by Michael Cravens

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